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Our offered Product range includes Pulse Direct Injection Driver, A Revolutionary Pump, Watt Piezo Driver, PZT Stack Actuators multilayer stack actuators and Amplified Actuators.

Pulse Direct Injection Driver

  • Output Voltage 0 - 1000 Volts
  • Output Current +/- 10 Amps
  • Series PDI-10

Output Voltage: Output Current: Max Voltage Repetition: Input Connector: Output Connector: 0 - 1000 Volts +- 10 Amps > 300 Hz BNC MHV

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A Revolutionary Pump

Kinetic Ceramics PHPs are unlike any pump ever built. By themselves they are powerful devices, but use them as building blocks for creating larger pump systems and you are limited only by imagination. Need higher pressure? Add them in series. Need more flow? Use them in parallel. Their compact size and powerful output allow engineers to reimagine old designs and solve previously impossible problems. With over 2x the power density of conventional motors, PHPs can be combined to achieve pressures and flow rates in a footprint no other pump can match. One pump can now meet flow rate and pressure requirements of multiple product lines, creating built-in redundancy and lower unit costs. PHPs use only 1 moving part. There are no bearings, no rotating parts, and no lubrication. This translates into long pump life and unmatched reliability. Using a common pump across multiple product lines reduces supply chain complexity and simplifies product service and maintenance. PHPs convert actuator movement directly into fluid flow and pressure, avoiding the mechanical losses traditionally associated with the rotation of EM motors. Efficiencies over 85% are typical. This also gives fast response times of less that 1 millisecond

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Watt Piezo Driver

  • Input Voltage 0 - 10 Volts
  • Output Power 1500 Watts (Avg)
  • Series KC-N15-1 & KC-N15-1-OS

Output Power: Bandwidth: Input Voltage: Output Voltage: KC N15-1: KC-N15-1-OS: Output Current: *350 V RMS output 1500 Watts (Avg) 0 - 30, 000 Hz 0 - 10 Volts ​ 350 V RMS, 700 V RMS 0 - 1000 V, 0 - 2000 V 2100 mA*

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PZT Stack Actuators multilayer stack actuators

  • Stack Length 0.440
  • Part No. D1CM80

Kinetic Ceramics manufactures high quality, high performance multilayer stack actuators with a wide range of standard sizes having 700 to 28, 000 Newtons of force and 10 to 200 microns of displacement. Standard operating voltage is 1000 V although other options are available. If none of the sizes below meet your application requirements our actuators can be fabricated in custom configurations to exactly match special requirements with fast turnaround times.

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Amplified Actuators

  • Part Number 100HD
  • Housing Length 89 mm

This range of Piezoelectric actuators have been developed to provide large displacements for use in applications where space is limited. These Piezo actuators represent an economical approach to obtaining large displacements where very high force is not a requirement but nanometer resolution is still desired. The Piezoelectric actuators are enclosed in a stainless steel housing and contain multilayer Piezo actuators fabricated using Kinetic Ceramics' proprietary PZWT-100 ceramic which has high unit strain with low hysteresis. The proprietary ceramic fabrication techniques result in low porosity and high density and attain superior reliability. The patented method of bonding and encapsulation gives excellent mechanical strength, stiffness and suppresses breakdown in high electric fields. When activated, these Piezoelectric actuators generate no electromagnetic field and require no holding current.

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Preloaded Enclosed Actuators

  • Part No A050010
  • Length 1.458”

Piezomotor® piezoelectric actuators are multilayer PZT actuators preloaded and enclosed in a durable stainless steel housing ready to integrate into mechanical systems. This rugged and durable range of Kinetic Ceramics piezoelectric actuators is available with output force ranging from 2800N to 28000N and displacements from 10 microns to 200 microns, providing fast response and nano meter resolution when coupled to Kinetic Ceramics driver electronics. If none of the sizes below meet your application requirements our actuators can be fabricated in custom configurations to exactly match special requirements with fast turnaround times.

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Piezoelectric Elements

Kinetic Ceramics is a vertically integrated manufacturer of piezoelectric actuators. Beginning with basic powders and using a process perfected over 30 years, we manufacture a unique Lead Zirconate Titanate powder called PZWT-100. Physics International, the predecessor to Kinetic Ceramics spent millions of dollars developing this formula in response to the poor performance of commercially available PZT materials. Over the course of several programs, the company identified properties of interest in high-strain applications, analyzed the mechanisms of breakdown, and established target specifications for a desirable material and assembly methods. The result of this program was PZWT-100, a material which surpasses the performance of all similar piezoelectric materials and can be consistently manufactured to greater than 99% of theoretical density.

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