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Tamper Evident Security Labels

Tamper evident tape and seals are often used to detect tampering with letters, bags, cartons, pallets, and other containers containing valuable items, confidential information, or calibration or equipment settings. When removed from the original surface, the tamper evident tape will self-destruct leaving words or symbols on the package and in the tamper evident tape itself.
SEKULOCK� #11445 Tamper Evident Poly Void Tape - Our most secure tamper evident tape system. If tape is lifted, removed or re-taped, a highly visible frosted "VOID - OPENED" pattern provides reliable indication. Residue is easily removed from most surfaces allowing for re-tapaing after inspection.
Security print features, not available from other security tape products, include high resolution guilloche patterns, visible micro text and covert UV micro text, viewable under black light. Consecutive AlphaNumeric code aids in documentation of each use and is spaced at 9.0" intervals for use as an envelope seal.

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