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Bottle Top Dispenser

Bottle Top Dispenser

Bottle Top Dispenser designed with a smooth plunger movement for accurate and precise dispensing of liquids.

Easy to use with simple, quick volume adjustments.

Dispensers are made for standard 30 mm threads and include four adapters (25mm, 28mm, 38mm, and 45mm) that fit most reagent bottles.

Integral safety discharge system reduces risk of accidental dispensing and nozzle cap prevents dripping.

Easy to disassemble for cleaning and servicing.

Individually calibrated in accordance with ISO 8655 standards and includes a calibration certificate.

Dispenser can be calibrated by user in lab.

Excellent chemical compatibility and fully autoclavable.

Bottle Top Dispenser Product Specifications:

Piston Polypropylene
Cylinder Glass
Housing Polypropylene
Volume Adjustment Locking Rocker Switch
Valve Assembly Glass Ball & Seat
Discharge Assembly Teflon
Delivery Tube Polypropylene

  • Increment : 0.05
  • Accuracy : 0.6

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