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We offer a complete product range of Standup Edgers Milwaukee Concrete Grinder L-1200, Grinders Avenger 650, Maintenance Diamond Maintenance Pads, Standup Edgers Levetec Electronic Polisher/Grinder and Facilities Mgr.Avenger Powerful Floor Buffer

Standup Edgers Milwaukee Concrete Grinder L-1200

The L-1200 is designed from the ground up to be a concrete grinder. It runs from 0 to just over 1700 rpm Max, not thousands of rpm's that are for metal grinders. Concrete is best ground and polished at low speeds where the tooling stays on the work piece and does not burn up your tooling. The L-1200 Kit comes with a heavy duty rubber dust shroud with a open or close flap for grinding along a wall or out in the open. You can run 7" metal grounding wheels as well as resins on the included Velcro disc. It has a 58th 11 thread arbor and comes with the nut and tool to hole mount tooling The L-1200 is designed to be used with any of Levetec's HEPA vacuum's.

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Grinders Avenger 650

The Avenger 650 is the perfect mid size machine with huge capacity. The Avenger is a Single or Three Phase machine for better reliablity, but you can order it with Single Phase 220 volt power input, so you can use it at a home or small business location. Just plug it into a stove or dryer receptical Just click on the Catalog above for more info and Spec's

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Maintenance Diamond Maintenance Pads

Unmatched in performance, Levetec Natural Stone Care Pads have a robust interlocking weave and are designed to withstand the harsh applications of concrete and natural stone. We have a wide grit range permitting light maintenance to a final shine, or for most routine maintenance programs on all machine types. High quality diamond content and a supreme bonding system allow the pads to take a dull floor and pop a mirror gloss shine

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Standup Edgers Levetec Electronic Polisher/Grinder

The Levetec Electronic Hand Polisher and Grinder, provides exceptional performance and industrial strength to meet even the most demanding industrial applications where aggressive take up and consistant removal are required. This highly well built and versatile unit is supplied with a Electronic motor control. Comes with dust shroud, Hose and Velcro Disc for the above price. The Polisher is designed to be used with any of Levetec's Hepa vacuum's

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Facilities Mgr.Avenger Powerful Floor Buffer

Avenger Buffer A robust Multi-use 17" Buffer machine for regular maintenance as well as grinding and polishing with an optional 10" Backer pad that can be used for stairs and edging. It has been designed for heavy duty applications. With an innovative 2.5 hp motor, makes it the most powerful single disc floor care machine. The ideal floor machine for grinding and polishing medium to large areas in marble, granite, polished concrete floor, conglomerate, stone, industrial surfaces, cement, Porceline, terracotta, etc. Thanks to its great range of available accessories it can solve lots of problems in the least expensive way ALL GEAR DRIVE! ALL ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION!

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Vacuum's S13 HEPA Dust Extractor

120V single motor HEPA Dust Extractor can be connected to electrical, hand-operated power tools to extract freshly cut, friable concrete dust. The model S13 is also an effective all-around construction vacuum for picking-up a wide range of building materials and debris. Comes with 16-foot, 1.5" hose, wand and floor tool. Includes a 6 mil, 10-gallon disposable poly bag for dust-free handling and disposal.

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Scarifiers DiaCrete Powerful Scarifiers

Zero Depth Height Adjustment Side access Drum assembly for quick and easy cutter replacement. Cutter Drum located centrally below motor for better balance and less vibration Vacuum hookup for practically dust free operation Compact design. No exposed moving parts Heavy duty Hex shaft, sealed bearings and toothed wide belt on drive system

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Vacuum's S1400 HEPA EXTRACTOR 120V

Introducing Pullman-Ermator's newest HEPA Extractor - Model S1400. Take a quick glance at this revolutionary product and you will be convinced, it's unlike any other vacuum you have ever seen. The S1400 is truly unique. It is far more efficient for the fast recovery of bulk dry dust, debris and other building materials including volatile, fine wood dust. It can be connected to electrical power tools to extract freshly cut wood or concrete dust, now considered to be hazardous to the construction, abatement and restoration worker.

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Grinders Avenger 460

The Avenger Line of all gear Grinders and Polishers use helical gears in an oil bath just like the transmission in your car to produce high torque to the floor with no noise and wear. This is the only planetary grinder on the market that uses thrust bearings, just like in the wheel of your car to reduce wear and give your a long working life span. Larger models feature Siemens Motors and all models feature American Electronics and controls for superior performance. One year Bumper to Bumper warranty.The Avenger 460 is a great machine for smaller jobs or homes, offices and rooms. Available in 110 volt or 220 volt single phase The size and weight allow for easy loading and unloading at the jobsite or to carry up to a mezzanine or landing. The Avenger 460 is very versatile, and can be used for coatings removal, grinding and polishing. The machine is a full three phase machine internally with variable speed and forward and reverse, this also means that this machine is vastly more reliable then the regular single phase machines from competitive sources. Click on the Catalog above for more info and Spec's

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Grinders Avenger 880

The Avenger 880 is the perfect mid size machine with huge capacity. The Avenger is a Three Phase machine for better reliablity, but you can order it with any Three Phase voltage power input. The ultimate in high-performance surface preparation machining! The Avenger 800 class grinder polisher provides power and effeciency without ever sacrificing handling and ease of operation.

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