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Clevises & Yoke Ends

Clevises & Yoke Ends

Clevises feature female threading for fast and easy installation onto a threaded rod. We offer a wide range of clevis dimensions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Clevises are essentially custom items, as they must meet a range of specifications in order to be compatible with the connecting hardware. When requesting a quote for the clevises you need, please specify the following:

Thread: The thread size is required to ensure the rod will attach.
Grip: Distance between clevis ears must be specified in order to provide proper clearance for the connecting hardware.
Clevis Pin Hole: Whether Lexco is supplying your clevis pins or you’re using your own, the hole size is important for correct clearance.
Material: We offer clevises in an array of materials; the clevis and threaded rod must be manufactured from compatible materials and finish for proper installation.

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