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Locking Brake Levers

Locking Brake Levers

Adjustable, over-center locking brake levers. No ratcheting, only “ON” (over-center) or “OFF” positions.
Easy adjusting knob allows 1.6" of cable to increase or decrease cable tension as needed to compensate for wear or load conditions.
Load link is fabricated of 4130 alloy steel. Normal operation capacity 1000 lb.
Ultimate load capacity 3000 lb (non-recurring static load).
Unless otherwise specified, levers include connecting hardware. Supplied with all required clevis pins, washers and cotter

  • Dimension Bmax.3 : 5.47 " 5.60 "
  • Item : 165-508-008
  • Dimension Bmin.2 : 3.87 " 4.00 "

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