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Quick Attach Wood Stud

Quick Attach Wood Stud

316 Stainless Steel Note: Mechanical swage fitting allows very fast and simple attachment of cable (1x19,7x19, or 7x7) to wood using only simple tools. “Quick Attach ™” fittings are designed for architectural and marine applications. “Quick Attach ™” fittings are not intended for lifting or other critical application. Typical breaking strength of “Quick Attach ™” fittings are 90% of nominal cable strength when properly installed. Please use adequate safety factor (e.g. 5:1) when designing your

  • C : 1.46"
  • B : 1/4"
  • D : 2.00"
  • Item # : S0777-0703
  • A Wire size : 1/8"

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