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Our product range comtains a wide range of POWERSPOT UPS, Converter, GUARANTEED POWER SUPPLY SYSTEMS and Quantum


LEXX Technology Corp. provides the forefront UPS solution for effective power supply management. PowerSpot is a flexible technology, designed to suit a number of industries, such as oil and gas, nuclear energy, heavy machinery, retail and storage, IT, healthcare and more. Based on the principles of high reliability and economic efficiency, PowerSpot is simply indispensable for companies working in an unstable power environment. Nowadays, the majority of businesses are dependent on uninterrupted power supply. Unfortunately, many of these businesses only realize the sheer extent to which they rely on constant power supply when something goes wrong. Being put under extreme power supply conditions, e.g., voltage and frequency variations, electronic noise, brownout, etc., businesses want reliable yet cost effective UPS solutions. PowerSpot is transformerless, which means that it is easily transportable and requires less space on site. Moreover, PowerSpot is extremely flexible in adapting inputs and outputs, which provides for problem-free set up and operation. The system kick-starts whenever a failure in the AC mains power supply occurs. In this way, PowerSpot is less demanding than other UPS systems and also more Eco-friendly. Up to 4 units can work in parallel with no extra hardware in use. This allows users to incorporate additional UPSs into their system, increasing overall capacity. It is particularly important to consider electrical practices, communications, output compatibility and other aspects of UPS to ensure its reliability and easy maintenance. PowerSpot’s electronic cards and power components are easily accessible. The system was designed to reduce the number of components and as a result, minimize the connection interface. PowerSpot is supplied with the Power Factor Correction module, which is operated by a management micro-controller and a Digital Signal Processor. Such a structure speeds up the work of the Inverter and Rectifier and enables output voltage with low distortion and high stability levels. Moreover, it guarantees minimal distortion of the input current (THDi), as well as general current balance, efficient current sharing in parallel units and protection from short-circuits on the UPS output. PowerSpot is a universal UPS solution, which causes minimal harmonic distortion and is capable of resisting every load possible - for example resistive load, capacitive load, non-linear load, inductive load, etc. PowerSpot’s flexibility allows the system to cater to various consumers. We made it possible to adapt PowerSpot for different environments through a variety of settings. Such parameters as voltage, frequency, alarm levels, PFC index and many more, can be fixed both locally and remotely. PowerSpot aims to protect your power supply appliances and establish effective energy consumption. The solution consists of highly advanced elements that stabilize the voltage and minimize harmonic distortion, making the UPS unit immune to changes in the nature of the load. The key targets of economic efficiency and reliability are achieved through the use of the fourth generation Isolated Gateway Bipolar Transistors, Adaptive Feed Forward Cancellation, Unitary Power Factor, Digital Signal Processor along with other essential components of the system

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Quantum is smart technology, enabling flawless operation of over 15, 000 light-generating appliances all over the world. With its intellectual element, Quantum controls luminous flux in such way that it carefully preserves your lighting equipment and saves you a great deal of power. The moment street lights switch on the voltage in the power circuit soars. The dramatic power surge, occurring on a daily basis, is known to cause high energy consumption as well as serious damage to the lighting equipment. This inevitably results in substantial maintenance and repair costs. Most street lighting works consistently from dusk till dawn, regardless of the circumstances. However, there is often no need for the lights to burn bright throughout the night when traffic is scarce and pedestrians are few. Often the decision taken is to turn off some of the lighting, thereby creating inconsistency in the luminous flux, which dramatically increases the risk of power breakdown and therefore is best avoided. Inconsistent power supply is not exclusive to street lighting alone. Warehouses and shopping malls, airports and railway stations, parking lots and industrial areas are all supplied using similar equipment, bringing with it energy consumption issues on a larger scale. Inconsistency is harmful and ineffective. The question is, how to avoid inconsistency and reduce power supply? Quantum allows you to lower energy consumption by up to 40%, whilst simultaneously maintaining the same quality of lighting. Easily applicable and suitable for large industries, Quantum is an ideal solution for effective energy consumption.

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LEXX Technology’s converter range of rectifiersbattery chargers, based on microprocessor-controlled thyristor technology, provides high-quality and reliable protection for critical DC loads. Converter systems are designed to protect converter loads of maximum criticality and to operate with nickel cadmium or lead acid batteries in harsh and demanding operating environments, such as power plants, electrical substations, oil and gas pipe- lines, petrochemical plants, mines, railways, telecommunications facilities, hospitals, industrial plants, etc. The converter series covers the range between 25 A and 200 A with outputs from 110 to 220 Vdc. The output accuracy is better than +- 1% and the system is designed to charge open or sealed lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries. All alarms, monitoring and status indicators (via display and LEDs) are managed through a digital control system. Each type of battery requires special charging characteristics, which are managed by the controller. The systems are completely custom- isable to the specific characteristics and needs of each client and application. The robust design ensures that the installation requires low maintenance and can work for long periods without special attention.

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Lexx Technology Corp. and its subsidiaries have advanced the development and production of their guaranteed power supply systems for providing power to remote and off-the-grid locales. These systems provide a source of uninterrupted power supply to any production facility, processing facility or local municipal and non-municipal settlement. This proprietary and customizable system can be used on the basis of any accommodated power source---including gas piston engines, steam turbine, and diesel generation. Additionally, the same system can be combined with and customized to include alternative power generation systems. The guaranteed power supply systems can be made in any shape and are designed to be used in any climatic zone.

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