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Automatic Overlap Hot Air Welder

Automatic Overlap Hot Air Welder

This product has been replaced by Forplast P2

The efficient maneuverable automatic hot air welding machine!

For truck tarpaulins, tents and awnings.
Produces overlap welds of 20- or 45-mm.
Heating capacity 3300 watts, 230 V AC.
Temperature electronically variable from 20 to 700°C (68 - 1290°F) to suit various materials.
Starts automatically welding when the nozzle is moved into position.
Cool setting to cool the unit after use - no need to alter heat settings.
Variable speed 0 to 19 meters per minute
Tarpaulins - 6 to 8 metersmin
Welding tapes - 3 to 4 metersmin
Lattice foils - 10 to 12 metersmin
Three point surface contact of the machine ensures the pressure is evenly distributed over the material being welded.

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