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Insight Display DC Controller

Insight Display DC Controller

The IC1D Series of controllers give you full closed loop-control in an industry leading compact size. With features like 14 VGA color display and intuitive programming interface, the IC1D units provide unmatched performance and value. These controllers have full communication capability using Ethernet, RS232, Fieldbus or standard IO. Units may be programmed either through the key pad or via a PC running ICS software. IC1D Controllers will self identify and operate all QE and QM Series of tools making set-up and operation an easy task.

14 VGA 216 color display
Eternet, RS232 and IO communication
Device Net and Profibus available
Dual mode power supply: 90 - 120 VAC and 200 - 240 VAC
Operating range of 0 to 50 degrees C
Operates all QE and QM Series Tools
Multiple mounting options

The IC1D DC Electric controllers are powerfully precise, fully programmable, and can be seamlessly integrated with any QE or QM Series tools to deliver real performance advantages.
Ask users of Ingersoll Rand Insight controllers and they’ll tell you our interface is best-in-class. The crisp, bright display on the IC1D provides instant feedback to the operator. Programming is quick and easy, and can either be done on-screen, from a computer with ICS Connect, or with the unique Parameter Transfer Key (PTK). You’ll spend less time on set-up and more time assembling product.


All QE Series tools and QM Series spindles run on every single IC1D controller, without exception. This is a best-in-class feature that puts your productivity first.


Ingersoll Rand IC1D controllers offer industry leading functionality for their size. We pack extensive torque and angle control, as well as process management capabilities, into a small package saving you valuable real estate on the plant floor.


Select exactly the system you need — no more, no less — by using our simple product selection guides. Simply specify your power supply, display type, input output, communications, and accessories and we’ll deliver your custom controller.

Reduced Cost of Ownership
Standard features like Ethernet and IO connections on every unit mean no hidden charges for maximizing communication to your network. Also, there’s no need for expensive hardware keys or back-up units. Common designs and components save you time and money in training and spare parts management.

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