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Overlap Hot Air Welder

Overlap Hot Air Welder

Fosthoff Forplast-P2 Automatic Overlap Hot Air Welder
The efficient, maneuverable automatic hot air welding machine!

The FORPLAST-P2 replaces the successful FORPLAST-P model that has been put to effective use in the tent, tarpaulin, advertising banner and industrial fabrics industries for 25 years. The new FORPLAST-P2 is a universal welder and is available in four selectable basic models for 20, 30, 40 or 45mm overlap welding. In addition, the FORPLAST-P2 is easy to convert to an alternative overlap width for seam welding, webbing welding and welting ropes or cords.

The experience gained and the enhancements made to the FORPLAST-P are reflected in the new FORPLAST-P2. The FORPLAST-P2 offers innovative features such as:

Narrow and maneuverable for crease-free welding
Telescopic guide handle that can be conveniently adjusted to the user's body height
A new generation of nozzles for faster welding at up to 11mmin for 20mm overlap welds
Modern generation of gear motors providing a speedy and powerful drive for the welder.

  • Model : F1100P2

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