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WB9000 Extrusion Welder

WB9000 Extrusion Welder

The WB9000 is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. for geomembrane installers. With its durable 2 hp motor the 9000 can conquer any job relating PE, PP liners, and pipes, on time. The 9000 also come with a reliable pre-heat source. Shipping includes the Wb9000, instructions, and its own shipping container.

Powerful drive motor with and custom built motor armature and field which comes with warranty.
Reliable Forsthoff pre heat source.
Military standard connectors for control box which can last through the roughest weather conditions.
Handle doubles as a stand, making it nearly impossible to tip welder over, preventing pre-heat air from burning a hole in the liner material.
Non-Twisting rod feed design makes it easier to manage welding rod. Works with 4 or 5MM rod.
Teflon tips are available in pre machined design inside corner, outside corner, custom design, or blanks.

  • Weight : 25 lbs
  • Dimensions : 7" x 29" x 11"

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