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Milk Powder

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Fat Filled Milk Powder, Milk Permeate Powder and Full Cream Milk Powder

Fat Filled Milk Powder

Fat Filled Milk Powder is available principally from various European countries. Fat Filled Milk Powder (FFMP) is produced by blending palm or coconut vegetable fat with high quality skimmed milk powder. FFMP is used to replace Full Cream Milk Powder while being more economical. FFMP is available with a variety of protein levels that impact the relative prices. FFMP can typically be used to produce ice cream, confectionery, bakery, chocolate, cookies and other products.

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Milk Permeate Powder

Milk Permeate Powder is available principally from the United States and various European countries. Milk Permeate Powder is a by-product of the Milk Protein Concentrate production process, formed after ultra-filtration of milk to extract protein and fat. The product is then dried using advanced spray drying techniques. Milk Permeate Powder is suitable for a wide range of applications, including confectionery, desserts, bakery and dairy.

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Full Cream Milk Powder

  • Flavour Vanilla
  • Packaging Size 500gm
  • Packaging Type Tin
  • Shelf Life 6months

Full Cream Milk Powder / Whole Milk Powder is available principally from Suppliers in New Zealand, South America, India,  and various European countries. Full Cream Milk Powder is produced from pure, natural fresh cow’s whole milk. At the dairy plant, the liquid whole milk is pasteurized, standardized to the required level of milkfat, evaporated into a concentrate and then spray dried into a powder form. It is typically available with 26%-28% milkfat and a minimum of 24% protein. A buyer of the product has the option of regular or instant and the additional option of fortifying with Vitamins A & D.

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