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Our Complete range of products are Hand Pipe Extruding Tool, REMS Push, REMS Swing, REMS Pressing Tongs and Threaded Rod Cutter.

Hand Pipe Extruding Tool

The Hurrican H is a Hand Pipe Extruding Tool similar to a T-Drill but sold without the drill. If you own a drill with a reverse and a clutch you can use your own drill with this great new tool for only a fraction of the price of a T- Drill or you can use a socket wrench. We do have printed flyers to send by snail mail. Scroll to the bottom of this page to place an order for this time and money saving tool. This item is now in stock so we can ship it today!

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Test pressure and tightness with water or oil less than or equal too 860psi (60 bar). For plumbing, heating, solar system and sprinkler installations, for compressed air, steam and cooling systems, oil installations, for boiler and pressure vessel building. Double valve system for reliable pressure built-up, with rust-proof steel balls. High pumping capacity with long stroke, fine pressure adjustment at short pushes. High pressure hose with fabric ply prevents measurement errors. Robust, job-site proven metal design for tough use. Corrosion resistant, powder coated sheet metal reservoir for 3 Gallons (12 liters)of fluid content. Distortion resistant lever with ergonomic handle, doubles as carrying handle when locked. Wear resistant pressure piston in brass. 5 foot (1.5 meter) High-pressure hose with 12" NPT connection.

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REMS Swing

Compact design, job-site proven. Handy and light, only 1.3 kg set 38" - 12" - 58" - 34" - 78". Can be used anywhere, free-hand, in confined areas. Simple, fast operation. Quick-acting feed forward and release saves time and effort. Marked bending formers for exact bending. Crossover, swan-neck, reverse bends possible. Easy and rapid changing of bend formers. No costs for fittings, storage, procurement. Savings on soldering joints, pressing joints and working hours. Higher safety thanks to fewer pipe joints. Sturdy bending drive with proven reliable ratchet feed. Only 1 universal crossbar with end formers for the complete work range, rotates to the corresponding pipe size. For sanitary, heating, air conditioning, refrigerating and hydraulic applications.

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REMS Pressing Tongs

  • MODEL ASTM F 1807
  • Pressing Tongs US 3/8”*

High­compression pressing tongs in forged and specially hardened steel. Pressing contours of REMS pressing tongspressing rings are system­specific and correspond with the respective pressfitting system. Thus perfect system­conformity and safe press jointing. Pressing jaws of pressing tongspressing rings manufactured on CNC production centres ensure high­precision machining of pressing contour. Hence far closer tolerances compared to as cast pressing contour.

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Threaded Rod Cutter

Precise clean cut on 12" & 38" UNC threaded rods. Unique die design protects the threaded rod from damage after cutting. No deburring required after cutting and before screwing on nuts. A clean cut every time, just screw the hex nut on the cut end. Reversible dies provide approximately 600 cuts per side. Mounting holes on base for permanent mounting to work surface. For use on construction sites where threaded rod is used to secure pipe, conduit sprinkler systems, duct work, lighting and many other component

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REMS Amigo 2 Compact

  • Pipe threads 1/8–2”, 16–50 mm

REMS Amigo 2 Compact Set: Electric die stock with quick­change die heads. For right and left­hand threads. Drive unit with maintenance­free gear, powerful 1200 W universal motor with 30 % power increase thanks to automatic carbon brush adjustment while changing the direction of rotation. Peak power input up to 1800 W. Fast threading time 30–18 rpm. Safety tip switch. Right and left­hand rotation. Overload protection. Support bracket for both directions.

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REMS Eskimo

The Eskimo comes in a custom molded carrying case ergonomically designed from rugged plastic with molded inserts for all parts in the kit weighing only 10 lbs. Quick and easy connections, without any special tools. The correct amount of liquid CO2 refrigerant is always provided automatically. Simply push and twist back and forth into the collars for a fast and secure connection from the hoses to the freeze collars after positioning the freeze collars on the pipe. Be carefun not to over tighten the collar on the pipe! Freeze Collars: Small collars, the largest is only 2" wide but forms ice plugs inside the pipe that grow 6" to 8" long. Strong fracture resistant freeze collars in cold-resistant thermoplastic elastomer. Highly flexible, at extremely low temperatures. Also works on hot water pipes up to 140°F. Clamping screws and nuts are molded into collar so there is nothing to loose. No tools just finger tighten. High Pressure Hoses: Flexible, buckling-resistant and fracture resistant high pressure hoses. 8' long for wide work radius. Extendible any time by purchasing additional hose lengths available in 8' sections requires hose connectors Includes two collars for each size copper, steel or iron pipe from 18" to 2", two high pressure 8 Feet hoses with rugged plastic grips and brass injector tips.

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REMS Akku-Press

REMS Akku-Press Li-Ion Basic-Pack. Cordless radial press with switch­off signal for producing pipe pressing joints Ø 10 – 108 mm, Ø 3⁄8 – 4". For driving REMS pressing tongspressing rings and other suitable makes of pressing tongspressing rings. Swivelling pressing tongs seat with automatic locking. Electro­hydraulic drive with powerful battery motor 14.4 V, 380 W, robust planetary gear, eccentric reciprocating pump and compact high power hydraulic system. Safety tip switch. Integrated LED work light. Battery Li­Ion 14.4 V, 3.2 Ah, rapid charger Li­IonNi­Cd 230 V or 110 V, 50–60 Hz, 65 W. In sturdy steel case.

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2 REMS Hot Dog

REMS Hot Dog 2 – the smallest and most powerful soldering pliers. Super fast without flame. Super fast soldering, e.g. Ø 18 mm in only 15 s. Enormous heating capacity up to 800°C through 2 heating cartridges. For permanent use. Super light and handy, complete only 0.7 kg. Can be used anywhere, in confined areas also. Cleaning brush. In steel case with fire retarding insert.

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REMS Eco-Press

REMS Eco-Press drive unit for operation with REMS pressing tongs. Manual radial press with final-lock-positioning for producing pressing joints of plastic and multi­layer composite tubes Ø 10 – 26 mm, Ø 3⁄8 – 1". For operating with REMS pressing tongs. With dividable tubular arms. In skin package.

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