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AC Induction Motors

AC Induction Motors

MAHLE’s AC induction motors are four-pole motors with an aluminum cage rotor and three-phase winding on the stator. The stator and rotor laminations are specially designed for low-voltage applications used in different electric vehicles. Induction motors offer excellent dynamics over a wide speed range and very low noise operation. The motors are powered and controlled by an AC ECU, which converts the DC voltage to three-phase voltage at the required amplitude and frequency. Thanks to additional settings of the ECU parameters, it can be well adjusted to the requirements of various installations and applications.
Advanced diagnostics and communications are provided through the CANOpen bus. AC induction motors with corresponding ECUs represent the best traction solution for battery-powered electric vehicles, such as golf carts, airport luggage carts, small electric cars, and other applications. Several motors are available in higher IP protections. AC induction motor drives are available in both low- (24–80V) and high-voltage ranges (200–450V). Most comply with the automotive industry ECE R10-5 standards for EMC emissions and immunity.

  • ranges : 200–450V

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