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Fragrancing systems

Fragrancing systems

Automobile buyer demand for greater individualization in vehicle design and enhanced comfort has sparked a strong interest on the market for fragrancing systems. Our fragrance diffuser has a modular structure and can be used in a wide range of vehicle models. Using customized dash bezels, it can be adapted to match the design specifications of automobile manufacturers. The intermittent fragrance discharge prevents “fragrance fatigue,” thus ensuring long-lasting perception of the fragrance, even on long journeys. If no longer required, it can be switched off completely by the passengers at any time. The diffuser can be fitted with two fragrance cartridges, allowing the vehicle occupants to select the one that best matches their mood and needs. The cartridges can also be replaced with new fragrances at any time.

The system identifies the inserted cartridges automatically and can relay information such as the name and fill level of the fragrance to the dash display.

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