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Oil heating and cooling systems

Oil heating and cooling systems

As specific and absolute power output levels continue to rise, engines are operated closer and closer to the temperature limits of their materials. Consequently, heating and cooling modules will become ever more critical in the future.

Heat exchangers for heating and cooling modules typically have a lamellar design and ensure an as balanced as possible thermal cycle for lubricating oils in the engine and transmission. This allows the lubricant to heat up quickly, which significantly reduces fuel consumption at cold start. At high oil temperatures, heat exchangers prevent overheating and premature aging of the oil, allowing oil change intervals to be extended.

Current MAHLE heating and cooling modules are able to also handle channel guidance, temperature regulation, and filtering of the coolant flow. An optimized channel guidance and distribution of the coolant flow provides coolant to the heat exchangers of the engine and transmission as well as for fuel as needed.

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