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Unlike traditional vents, the patented “comfort vent” has not one, but two air ducts: a helical diffused-flow duct and a centered spot-flow duct. The geometry of the diffuse duct generates a swirl effect, spreading the flow over a wide area and creating a “cloud” of air within the vehicle cabin. Instead of having an irritating effect on the vehicle occupants, this is experienced as a diffuse, draft-free air flow. In contrast, the spot-flow duct in the center provides a highly focused and precisely directed current of air.
The vehicle occupants can mix and match these two types of air flow according to the conditions and their personal comfort preferences, creating multiple ventilation options:
Draft-free ventilation: air flows through the diffuse duct and is spread over a wide area.
Direct ventilation: air passes through the spot duct, allowing a very direct flow focused on a particular area.
Traditional ventilation setting: a combination of diffuse and focused air flow, corresponding to that of a conventional vent.

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