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Visco fans and Visco fan drives

Visco fans and Visco fan drives

Effective dissipation of heat from vehicles requires not only high-performance radiators, but also fans and fan drives to supply the cooling air as efficiently as possible. The aerodynamic matching of cooling module and fan ensures efficient engine cooling at optimum cost.

Electronically controlled Visco® fans are used in a wide range of vehicles—from heavy trucks to vans and SUVs with powerful engines. They detect all relevant temperature values for cooling and air conditioning purposes and set the exact required fan speed. This ability to deliver precision, on-demand control while ensuring rapid response times and low idling speeds when the drive is deactivated have a positive influence on fuel economy, driving comfort, and noise emissions.

Thanks to the wear-free torque transfer principle, the fan-drives are maintenance-free. Rpm feedback coupled with a fail-safe design ensures reliable vehicle operation. Our permanently refined fan designs guarantee superior efficiency at low noise levels. They also help keep the highly thermally stressed Visco® fan drives cool, thus improving their durability.
Since 2011, we also offer electronically controlled Visco® coolant pumps. The highly advanced fan drive concept was applied to coolant pumps, hence enabling on-demand control of the coolant flow to permit further improvements in fuel economy.
In addition to Visco® fans, MAHLE also develops electric fans. These find application in passenger cars as well as in vans and SUVs with less powerful engines. They are usually supplied as components of fully assembled cooling modules.

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