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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Horizontal Turning lathe machine, Vertical Turning Lathe Machine, Horizontal Milling, steel bolt and vertical milling.

Horizontal Turning lathe machine

Mahuta Tool's CNC horizontal turning capabilities include contour turning, form turning, taper turning, and straight turning. Other processes available with our 3-axis, live tooling-equipped turning center include facing, splining, broaching, gear hobbing, reaming, and threading, with many more as well. We are able to produce parts weighing up to 950 lbs., up to 44" in length and 25" in diameter. We can also produce parts as small as 14" wide, working to tolerances. Our lathe features engine, and CNC equipment, with bar feed and large swing capacity. We also offer reverse engineering, CAD design, and CAM programming services. Some common applications of our processes include forgings, shafts, bushings, fittings, and construction equipment, but we can produce nearly any part that you need – contact us for more information. We offer rush and emergency services with short lead times, and specialize in short run, low volume production.

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Vertical Turning Lathe Machine

Working on our CNC vertical lathe, Mahuta Tool offers CNC vertical turning services for products in all industries: machine tool, transportation, military, oil field, packagingconverting, and many more. We produce machine components, construction equipment, forgings, spacers, and standoffs. Parts can be manufactured up to 21.5" long, with a maximum diameter of 51" and a maximum weight of 20, 000 lbs. We can achieve close tolerances. Our equipment features a large swing lathe. We are experienced in a wide range of machining processes, from threading, counterboring and countersinking, pocketing and tapping. Fixturing and tooling can be developed in-house to perfectly meet the requirements of your product, and our machines feature four-jaw chucks. We can work in nearly any material you may require: alloy steels, stainless steel, brass and iron. These are just a few from the long list of materials we work with. Assembly and finishing services are also available. Mahuta Tool accepts part drawings in several digital formats, including, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, STEP, .pdf, and .dxf.

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Horizontal Milling

With expertise across all machining processes, Mahuta Tool provides CNC horizontal milling services with precision tolerances to +- 0.0005". We manufacture parts in a work envelope of 64" x 40" x32", with full 4 axis capabilities. Our ISO 9001:2008 registered and certified shop specializes in short run and prototype production of all types of products across all industries: electronics, marine, machine tool, transportation, packaging, and more. Typical process applications include components for machinery, engines, turbines, hydraulics, power generation and construction equipment. Mahuta Tool's milling equipment features high speed steel (HSS), carbide, and cobalt high speed steel cutting tools and operates drilling, profiling, reaming, tapping, and other processes to produce precision pieces. With the ability to mill metals like iron and stainless steel, or plastics including nylon, Teflon, and polycarbonate, we can meet the needs of any product you require. Contact us for more information on the full list of materials we work with, other machining processes, and any other questions you might have.

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steel bolt

Working with a client in the mining industry, Mahuta Tool CNC machines this custom steel bolt measuring 14" in diameter and 14" long. Beginning with a custom supplied 2D CAD drawing, our first step in the manufacturing process was to set up the CAM programming for the bolt's dimensions and features. Using CNC turning, we carried out a rough pass to turn the outside and inside diameters on the heat-treated 4140 steel forging, followed by a finish turn to achieve the accurate and smooth final dimensions. The fine threading along the inside diameter was also achieved through CNC turning, as well as the ¾ pitch buttress thread. The holes along the flange were formed on our CNC horizontal milling machine, and all features and dimensions were manufactured to within ±.005". We also applied a preservative finish to prevent rust. Typical turnaround for this steel bolt is 2 weeks, and we manufacture in low quantities of 1 to 10 per run for our client.

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vertical milling

CNC Vertical Milling Milling is a material removal process in which unwanted materials are cut away to create a variety of features on a part. Flat, curved, or irregular surfaces are fed against a rotating cutter containing a number of cutting edges. A vertical milling machine orients the cutter vertically. With our CNC vertical milling capabilities, Mahuta Tool uses full 4-axis machining to produce components and equipment ranging from turbine and engine parts to fittings and spacers. Our vertical machining centers feature tooling for boring, counterboring, countersinking, reaming, tapping, and more. We specialize in prototyping and short run production. Parts and pieces can be produced in any size up to a maximum of 50" in length, 20" wide, and 28" in height. We work to close tolerances, +- 0.0005", and are ISO 9001:2008 registered and Mil-Spec compliant. With experience working with a wide variety of metals and plastics, we can meet the needs of most any project. Just a few of the metals we mill include stainless steel, brass, beryllium, aluminum, and alloy steels. Plastics range from ABS and acetal to PVC and Teflon. Contact Mahuta Tool with your requirements and drawings to get started with your production process.

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