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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Clevis Grab Hook Grade 70, Grade 80 Clevis Slip Hook w/ Latches, Stainless Steel Chain, Short Handle Ratchet Buckle and 6 Feet White Round Sling

Clevis Grab Hook Grade 70

Our heavy duty 12 in. clevis grab hook is suitable for use with 12 in. chains grade 70 as attachment for securing cargo, tie down truck load or towing service. Specification: Working Load Limit: 12, 750 LBS Chain Size: 12 in. We also have grade 70 12 in. clevis slip hook and 12 in. clevis grab hook w latch available for 12 in. binder chain, we have more chain hooks available in different sizes and grades: 38 in. Clevis Grab Hook Grade 100 58 in. Clevis Grab Hook Grade 70 12 in. Clevis Slip Hook Grade 70 12 in. Clevis Grab Hook Grade 100

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Grade 80 Clevis Slip Hook w/ Latches

14" Grade 80 Clevis Slip Hook w Latches Forged Alloy Steel Quenched & Tempered Working Load Limit: 2400LBS Test Load is 2 times the Working Load Limit: 4800LBS Ultimate Load is 4 times the Working Load Limit: 9600LBS

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Chain Anchor Winch Straps

Box of 10 4''x30' Winch Strap with 18" Chain Anchor Working Load Limit: 5000LBS Break Strength: 15, 000LBS

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Clevis Grab Hook Grade 100 w/ Cradle

516 in. Clevis Grab Hook Grade 100 w Cradle Working Load Limit(WLL): 5, 700 LBS Breaking Strength(Tensil Strength): 22, 800 LBS

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Ratchet Strap w/ Double J Hooks

Our 4 in. 30 ft. ratchet strap with double J hook is made of polyester yarn, the webbing breaking strength is up to 24, 000 lb., while the assembly, which we call it ratchet strap, only has 20, 000 lb. breaking strength, this is mostly due to the hardware, especially the double J hook, also called wire hook, only has 20, 000 lb. breaking strength. The polyester webbing is ideal tie downs for applications require extremely low elongation, high water and weather resistance. Ratchet straps can be used deployed on flatbed trucks, trailer vans, almost anywhere you can use a tie down.

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Ton Chain Hoist Chain Puller Ratchet Lever 5 Foot Lift

Our 34 ton chain hoist system provides easy free chaining and 360° handle rotation. Reliable disc brake holds the load in free chain mode. Premium alloy chain. This chain hoist equipped with hardened top and bottom shipyard hooks. Short handle stroke requires less than 76 lbs. of force. Lifts the load 5 feet. Minimum Load for this chain puller to work properly: 77 lb.

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Stainless Steel Chain

A316 stainless steel chain is non-magnetic alloy chains, composed of Manganese, Chromium, Nickel and Molybdenum, and the chain is made to ASTM 80 spectification. A316 alloy stainless steel chain is highly resistant to chemicals, salt water and it will not spark. Specification: Wordking Load Limit: 1200 LBS Material: Stainless Steel A316 Trade Size: 316 Material Dia.: 0.218'' Inside Width: 0.4'' Inside Length: 0.95''

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Short Handle Ratchet Buckle

' Short Handle Ratchet Buckle Working Load Limit: 3, 667 LBS Breaking Strength: 11, 000 LBS $8.39 Model: RBK2SH On Orders $50 or More, Except HI, AK and PR, See details.

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6 Feet White Round Sling

Rated Capacity: VERTICAL: 17, 000 LBS (US typical capacity: 16, 800 LBS) CHOKER: 13, 600 LBS (US typical capacity: 13, 400 LBS) BASKET: 34, 000 LBS (US typical capacity: 33, 600 LBS) Comes with WARNING sheet and safe practice instructions.

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Sash Chain

Sash Chain is a stamped, flat link chain that is used when a flat metal chain is desired or required. Sash chain operates smoothly over pulleys. Some other uses include lamp chain, tool boxes chain and many more. Compare to coil chain, machine chain and proof coil chain, sash chain is much more versatile and flexible. If you're looking for binder chains, here are our offerings: Grade 70 Chain Grade 80 Chain Grade 100 Chain And if you're interested in safety chains, we have trailer chains and snow chains available for sale.

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