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Depth Filters

Depth Filters

Pleated Cartridge Depth Filters
Prefiltration is critical for the long life of your filtration system. Mar Cor Purification has a complete line of prefiltration products in a variety of materials, micron ratings, and sizes to fit the needs of any system. FiberFlo Microfiber Cartridge Filters offer economical, long life filtration to remove larger particles that can foul submicron filters. Available in a wide range of micron ratings, these filters will clarify your fluids and protect your filtration system. FiberFlo Pleated Membrane Filters provide the best protection for the FiberFlo Hollow Fiber filters you use in critical applications. Prefilters are ideal for removing most sub-micron particles and most bacteria before the critical Hollow Fiber filters which remove remaining bacteria and endotoxins.

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