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Our offered Product range includes Metallurgical Sectioning Machine, grinder polisher, METALLOGRAPHIC VACUUM BELL JARS SYSTEMS, LAPPING FILMS and GRINDER POLISHER TABLES.

Metallurgical Sectioning Machine

  • Series CS400

The CS400 Metallurgical Sectioning Machine is the perfect Low Cost alternative for sectioning small fasteners and other small parts for Metallographic Inspection. The CS400 is ideal to check welds or grain in these small parts that require a good Cold Metallurgical Cut. Fixtureing is provided to hold the part while the operator guides it through the Cut-off Blade or Diamond Wheel. The Coolant Tank is internal and easily cleaned. 110V

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grinder polisher

  • Part 56011

Mark V Lab Metapol 2BVV & Metapol AV Series Bench Top Metallurgical GrinderPolisher with Single Wheel, The Metapols features Timer, Variable speed (100-1000 rpm) operation, preset fast speed buttons (100, 200, 300 rpm), auto mode (programmable speed, direction and time), tough and rugged GRP (glass reinforced plastic)non-corrosive body construction, water inlet and outlet for wheel lubrication. Metapol 2BVV Includes 8" or 10" Quick Change Wheel, Splash Guard and Cover. Metapol AV Includes 12" or 14" Quick Change Wheel, Splash Guard and Cover. Extra wheels and paper backed paper ring are quoted separately. Optional Automatic Polishing Head can be ordered with the system or for later installation. The Metapol Polishers have a built-in transformer so they can be operated at either 110V or 220V (factory preset). Metallography made easy.

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Though not usually necessary with EZ Mount, VIS8 & VIS12 Vacuum Impregnation Systems offer a High Quality alternative to more expensive systems. This no frills approach consists of a 8" or 12" Vacuum Jar connected to a Vacuum Pump. Desired vacuum is achieved with a series of vacuum release valves and indicated with a Vacuum Gauge. This System is ideal for making Epoxy Mounts.

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Lapping Film is made of precision-graded minerals coated with controlled uniformity and bonded with a water proof resin system to a highly uniform, dense polyester film backing The product is available in strips, sheets, rolls and discs. Abrasives include Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide and Diamond.

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  • Part MET - 22

Custom Built GrinderPolisher Tables with 1, 2 or 3 Wheels, 2 Speed Motors or Varible Speeds. Manufactured by Mark V Lab the METPOL" GrinderPolisher Tables iare built from a Two Door Steel Cabinets and Laminated Counter-top with Backsplash. Assembled with Heavy Duty Components such as Stainless Steel Arbor Shafts with no-maintanance SKF Ball Bearing Assemblys, Kydex acid resistant Bowls and Drain System, Flexable Coolant Hoses with Ball Valves and Poly-V Belt Drives with Wheel Speeds of 150 & 300 rpm or 50-500 rpm.METPOLS come complete with 8" or 10" PVC Wheels, GB Grabbers and Splash Rings. Options include Magna Disc Quick-Change Wheel System, Paper Holding Bands and Cover Lids, MET-S10 & MET-PO Sinks, MET-CHF Gooseneck Faucet and ME-EOS Ground Fault Outlets. 110V 60 Hz. 220V 50 Hz.

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Automatic Sectioning Machine

  • Part MC-660

This Automatic Sectioning Machine combines variable speed with micrometer cross-feed for thin sectioning without deformation to the sample. A Gravity Feed System allows for a wide range of Feed Rates, Automatic Operation and Shut-Off. Internal Coolant Tank cools the blade and sprays the sample for a Cold Cut. Safety features include Low Voltage Controls and Safety Cover Auto-Shut-Off System. Heavy Duty DC Motor and Controller give blade speeds of 0-1000 rpm with a cross-sectional capacity of 1 12". Diamond, Borazon and Thin Abrasive Blades are used cut a wide variety of materials. Micrometer Cross-feed offers 1" of travel in thousandths for thin or repeatable sectioning. 110V 220V

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One Minute Mounting System

  • Thickness 1/2"

One Minute Mounting System for PCB Mounted Coupons utilizes a 2 part Acrylic Liquid System and 2 Acrylic Mounting Plates to form sandwich type of mount with the Circuit Board in the middle. The first plate is placed on the mounting post of the Kits Box or in the option. Teflon Fixture, a few drops of Liquid A are applied to the plate, the coupon is then set on the plate, a few drops of Liquid B are applied to the coupon and then the top plate is set onto the coupon. In 1 Minute the Mount has Cured and is ready for Grinding. The average finished mount is about 12" thick, is easy to grip and reduces Grinding and Polishing Time. Because of the vicosity of the two liquid system even the smallest hole is easily filled.

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Two Part Epoxy Mounting System

  • Temperature 80-300F

Two Part Epoxy Mounting System for PCB's and other hard to fill specimens that require the best filling, edge retention and grinding properties available. This Two Part Epoxy System is the same as the EZ Mount System with Volumetric mixing. 15 min. cure and a clear mount accept that it comes with a Vacuum Oven instead of a Hot Plate. By drawing a slight vacuum at temperature (160F) the smallest holes, cracks and crevices are easily filled. The System comes with 8 x 10 x 8" Vacuum Oven with 76 to 0 cm Hg Gauge, Temperature Range of 80-300F, Vacuum Pump & Valve Systems, Mixing Buret, 2 Qts Resin, 8oz. Hardener, 5 ea. Rubber Molds and Mixing Supplies. 110V.

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diamond discs

  • Part DFX10A-125

Flex Diamond Discs feature Diamond Particles Imbedded in a Metal Matrix on 8", 10" & 12" Rubberized Discs with PSA Adhesive Backing. A Raised Button Pattern of Diamonds allows space for materials to sluice off the disc greatly reducing loading the disc and extending grinding life. Flex Diamond Discs are available in the following sizes.

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Magna Disc System

MAG-1 The Magna Disc System offers an inexpensive way to have multiple polishing steps without the need for expensive multiple polishing wheels. The System comes with one Adhesive Backed Magnetized Rubber Disc and two Plated Metal Discs that your Polishing Cloths attach to. Once the Magna disc is attached to your wheel and your polishing cloths are attached to the Metal Wheels, changing polishing cloths is a snap! Simply snap one disc down, use it, remove it, then store it and go to the next step. Save time and money getting the most out of your polishing cloths and compounds.

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This Two Part Epoxy System is Mixed by Volume, Cures in 15 Minutes to a Clear Metallographic Mount, offers Excellent Edge Retention and Grinding Properties with No Fumes or Odor

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High Quality Silicon Rubber Molds require no Mold Release and produce smooth high clarity molds. RM Rubber Molds are available in a variety of round and rectangular sizes to accommodate most specimens.

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PC Camera Systems

PC Capture & Camera Systems Micrography has come a long way since the first Polaroid Camera’s recorded microstructure. Today Digital Camera Systems with Capture & Measuring Software lead the way saving time and money, while offering the ability to document and electronically share the information.More so than ever a picture can tell a 1, 000 words. See the MXLT-OPTIC below, the latest All-In-One solution from Mark V Laboratory.

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The EZ Mount System offers the best metallurgical mount possible over other cold mount & thermoset materials. This Two Part Epoxy System is Mixed by Volume, Cures in 5- 15 Minutes to a Clear Mount, Offers Excellent Edge Retention and Grinding Properties and has No Fumes or Odor. The EZ Mount Epoxy System can be cured in 5 minutes by raising the cure temperature of the Hot Plate or Oven for the Lowest In Time Results where a perfect Mount is not needed. The EZ-1 comes complete with a Hot Plate, Mixing Buret with Stand, 2 QTS Resin, 8 oz. Hardener, 5 ea. Silicon Rubber Molds and Mixing Supplies. A wide variety of Silicon Rubber Molds are available in Round and Rectangular sizes. See RM Rubber Molds.

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