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Chicken Pox Vaccine

Chicken Pox Vaccine

We are offering chicken pox vaccine,
single dose vial with varicella oka strain virus not less than 3.3 lg plaque-forming units [pfu] per 0.5 ml dose when reconstituted to a suspension contains manicole 5 mg, dextran 12.5 mg, sucrose 25 mg, trehalose 10 mg, human albumin 5 mg.

this whity, fuzzy, lyophilized preparation constituted with a particular stabilizer, containing with live, attenuated varicella-zoster virus (oka strain) proliferated in human diploid cell (mrc-5), to be reconstituted with sterile diluent gives a semi-hazy to translucent, off-white to pale yellow liquid with no corpus alienum.


varicella vaccine, live is a live attenuated virus vaccine indicated in individuals susceptible in varicella and not less than 12 months for prevention from varicella.

function and use

following vaccination, the vaccinee body stimulated can generate the immune response against varicella virus for prevention from varicella.

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