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Ladder Rungs

Ladder Rungs

Whether you require McNICHOLS Ladder Rungs or Ladder Rung Covers, we have a wide selection of styles--Grip Strut®, Traction Tread™, and Diamondback® Rungs. Rungs are available in many sizes and materials such as: plain, stainless or galvanized steel, as well as aluminum. We also carry Grip Tight® Rung Covers with slip resistant aluminum oxide grit over galvanized metal. Our inventory offers you many options for your projects, and we are happy to handle custom orders as well.

When strength, safety and weight are considerations in addition to corrosion resistance, self-cleaning and low maintenance benefits –McNICHOLS Rungs are the product of choice. All styles have degrees of slip resistance to provide dependable footing indoors and out. If weather conditions involve snow and mud, you might want to consider a more aggressive surface and a higher percentage of open area, so that the debris falls through.

Where open area is not a concern, an option would be Grip Tight® Covers made to go over a solid bar rungs. For rungs made of Fiberglass, please navigate to the Structural Shapes Product Line to Tubes.

The left navigation pane will help you select rungs by type of material, or you may browse our stock list below.

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