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Low, High Aromatic White Spirit Solvent

Low, High Aromatic White Spirit Solvent

we are offering white spirit
product : white spirit

appearance : clear liquid free from suspended matter

viscosity : 0.4 0.5 cps. 

color : water white

sp.gravity at 20ºc : 0.775

flash point : 42 º c. 

distillation range : 153 º c.- 237 º c. 

dry point : 237 º c. 

aromatic value : 15 17%

kb value : 38% by weight

sulphur content : < 5 ppm

acidity content : nil

corrosion : none

water content : nil
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  • Type : Aromatic White Spirit, Low Aromatic White Spirit, White Spirit
  • Main Raw Material : Solvant, Clear Spirit, Thinner, Acrylic, Epoxy
  • State : Liquid
  • Appearance : Colorless
  • Low Aromatic White Spirit & High Quality Industrial White Spirit : Low Aromatic White Spirit & High Quality Industrial White Spirit

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Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

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