Microcide, Inc.

Microcide, Inc.

Sterling Heights, MI, United States

Microcide, Inc.
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Microcide®, Inc., a U.S. based biotechnology company, is dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of antimicrobial products for households, personal care, health care, and food industries. The company has developed and patented novel technology to produce non-toxic and environmentally friendly broad-spectrum microbicidal products. These products are also effective against antibiotic resistant microorganisms. The products contain only food grade and food additive ingredients listed by the U.S. FDA and USDA.

In addition to superior microbicidal properties, these no-rinse food and food contact surface sanitizing products can replace presently available carcinogen generating chlorinated, toxic and/or free radical producing oxidizing agents as well as cholinesterase inhibiting quaternary ammonium based products. Microcide® products include Pro-San® fresh fruits/vegetable sanitizers, Dentoral® alcohol free mouthwash, SpringKiss® jr mouthwash for kids, and Silky-Soft® herbal antibacterial hand sanitizer that is triclosan and alcohol free.

The company also has done research collaboration with several large universities including the Ohio State (OSU), the Iowa State (ISU), among others across the united states. The company is a commercial partner of NASA (the national aeronautics and space administration) for manned mars space mission.

Microcide®, Inc. is committed to a greener, safer environment in our homes and workplaces.

Other Info:

Compare Microcide Products :ALWAYS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE : Microcide products are environmentally biodegradable. Microcide products do not contain quaternary ammonium compounds found in LYSOL® type products or chlorine found in CLOROX® type products, chloroxylenol found in DETTOL® type products nor alcohol found in LISTERINE® type products and many hand sanitizers. Microcide products have the highest efficacy and can kill 100 million bacteria within 30 seconds on contact!

Microcide Quality : Microcide products are prepared with highest quality food grade and food additive ingredients listed by the US FDA and USDA. The products are certified for BIOBASED content as BIOPREFERRED by the USDA The products have very long shelf life and do not contain any toxic ingredients. Pro-San Antibacterial fruit and vegetable cleaner provides longer produce shelf life, can reduce food spoilage, and provide safety from food borne infection.

Company Facts

Business Type : Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers
Year of Estd : 1990
Company Turnover : USD 0.1 to 0.5 Million Approx.
Ownership : Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Business Markets : Us, Canada, Mexico
Website : http://www.microcide.co.in


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Dr. John Lopes Ph.D, CLD

6633 Eighteen Mile Rd, #2G, Sterling Heights, MI - 48314, United States

Mobile Phone : +1-5862551036, +1-2485269663