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Solar Charge Controller (WS-MPPT30 30A)

Solar Charge Controller (WS-MPPT30 30A)

We are offering solar charge controller. Compared with ordinary solar controller, this mppt controller can increase the efficiency of pv modules by 10%-30%. Wellsee ws-mppt solar controllers 10a--60a include 12v series, 24v series and 48v series. mppt advantage : maximum power point tracking (mppt in short) system is a system which allows pv panels to outputs more power by adjusting working condition of the electrical module. In figure1 a indicates that the ordinary controller, which makes pv battery work on 12v ,only outputs a power point of 53w (a general power point), b indicates that mppt controller makes pv battery always work at the maximum power point, thus outputs the power point of 75w (the maximum power point). product features :

  • applicable to various types of batteries
  • mppt function
  • microprocessor controller pulse width modulation (pwm) charging
  • temperature sensor battery charging compensation
  • overload protection (automatic restoration)
  • overcharge protection
  • short circuit protection (automatic restoration)
  • thunder protection
  • reverse discharge protection
  • reverse polarity connection protection (automatic restoration)
  • under voltage protection
    • mppt principle : the maximum power point is mainly affected by the ambient temperature and the intensity of sunshine. The intensity of sunshine being constant, the maximum output power decreases with the rise of the temperature. The temperature being constant, when the sunshine intensifies, the open circuit voltage of pv battery basically keeps unchanged. But the short circuit current increases substantially, thus the maximum output power increases substantially. this ws-mppt solar controller can intelligently regulate the working voltage of solar panels, letting the solar panels always work at maximum power point of v-a curve. Compared with ordinary solar controller, this mppt controller can increase the efficiency of pv modules by about 30%. however, due to many different factors, such as the difference in solar panel making, the change the sun illuminance, change in temperature, the efficiency of the controller etc., the actually available increased rate is 10%-30%. specifications
      modelws-mppt20ws-mppt30 rated voltage12v 24v 48v max load current20a30ainput voltage range12v~40v 24v~80v 48v~110v length ≤ 1m charge loop drop-0.25v length≤1m discharge loop drop0.05v over voltage protection17v 34v 68v full charge cut13.7v 27.4v 54.8v low voltage cut10.5v~11v 21v~22v 42v~43v temperature compensation-3mvcell no load loss≤20ma max wire area4 mm 24 mm 2 ambient temperature -25oc——+55oc

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