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Water Drilling Machine (xdl-100)

Water Drilling Machine (xdl-100)

We are offering water drilling machine. feature :

  • it can move on the skid, backward for lifting and forward for drilling. And distance moveable is 300mm.
  • the driving stem is much stronger hexagonal kelly of 46*dia51mm
  • it has wide range of rotary speed from 144rpm to 1083rpm, so it can drill with either high or slow speed, and suitable for steel-ball, tungsten carbide or diamond drilling for different formation.
  • manual chuck is easy to handle.
  • the fastest hoisting speed can reach 2.9ms, can meet the demand for percussion drilling with hammer.
  • the drilling head part can be rotated up to 360degree, so it can drill for horizontal, vertical or inclined hole.
  • electric motor or diesel is optional.
  • in 1992, our xul-100 worked for chinese academy of science in antarctica for the sample boring.
  • compact in design, and can be separated into four parts, is easy to carry. And mast with trailer is optional.
  • very powerful, the recorded deepest hole is 218m with diameter of 171mm in limestone.

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