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Water Drilling Machine (KDY-1500Y)

Water Drilling Machine (KDY-1500Y)

We are offering water drilling machine. features :

  • with total length of 2.5m and total height of 1.9m, its low center of gravity ensures good stability.
  • hydraulically operated sliding base provides 400mm of movement on or off the hole for speedy connection of tools.
  • very compact in structure, easy to assemble and disassemble. It can be divided into 7 parts, and the heaviest part is 430kgs
  • easy to carry.
  • control levers are conveniently grouped for easy effortless operation.
  • model ca151 heavy-duty automotive gear box is adopted. With higher safety factor and better reliability its torque can reach 530n.m. And it has 10 forward rotary speed from 54rpm to 1081rpm, and 2 reverse speed from 58rpm to 152rpm.
  • clutch is also from model ca151 heavy-duty truck, controlled with hydraulic system , with good reliability.
  • the parts of transfer box are interchangeable with auto parts, and available easily. By driving with angular gear, which is patented in china, it can transmit more powerful torque smoothly with less noise.
  • the transmission box is connected with transfer box with internal tooting flexible coupling. It is simple in structure, easy to maintain, and has less noise, better efficiency and longer working life. The cushion between the power plant and the pedestal base has good cushioning effect.
  • with the spindle through hole diameter of 96mm, it is suitable for drilling hole with small or large diameter.
  • the drilling head part can swivel up to 360degree, so it can drill for horizontal, vertical or inclined hole.
  • water brake is optional.

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