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Our offered Product range includes Speed Reducers/Gear Motors, mounted bearings, Chain & Sprocket Drives, gearing and Conventional Belt Drives.

Speed Reducers/Gear Motors

Alling Lander, Baldor (Grant) Browning, CGI, Dalton Gear, David Brown, Electra, Foote Jones, Grove Gear, Hub City, Joyce, Leeson Ohio Gear Ironman, Morse, Nord, Sumitomo, ThomsonMicron, Von Ruden, Winsmith, Cone Drive, Apex, Diequa, World Wide

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mounted bearings

AMI, Browning, Sealmaster, Hub City, Metaline, Moline, Morse, Peer, Royersford, Hi Light, KML, Jones Bearing Mounted bearing units at MPT Drives, Inc., are available with plain, ball, and roller bearing options. Mounted bearings are available in sizes ranging from ½" to 16" To identify the size of the bearing required for your application, you can check the shaft size, the base to the center height, and bolt spacing. Along with this, the load characteristics, mounting limitations, desired speed, and application environment will also help you in selecting the right type of mounted bearing. We offer mounted bearings in many varieties including a range of sizes and options, as well as industry-specific designs. Pillow Block It is the most common type of mounted bearing Offered in two or four bolt options Offered in high and low shaft heights Offered with different base options such as tapped base units Flanged Mounted Bearings Offered in two, three, and four bolt options Mounted horizontally Popular with flanged cartridge varieties Take Up Units Usually used with conveyors where adjustment is required Ball Type Mounted Bearings These utilize a wide or narrow inner ring Two common collar types are: setscrew collar and eccentric collar The setscrew locking collars use two setscrews, which are threaded into drilled and tapped holes within an extension of the bearing’s inner ring The eccentric locking collars type bearing has an extended inner ring This ring contains a channel that is eccentric to the shaft, and a matching channel in a collar, which fits over the bearing’s inner ring extension Eccentric locking collars are not recommended for bidirectional applications Roller type mounted bearings Unlike ball bearings, these are used for heavy duty applications They require more rigid locking to the shaft Mounted bearing units are also available with cylindrical and spherical configurations. Please contact MPT Drives, Inc., to assist you in selecting the right mounted bearing for your application.

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Chain & Sprocket Drives

Acme(UST), Allied Locke, Ametric, Browning, Daido, G & G, Hitachi Maxco, Renold Jeffrey, Linn Gear, Moline, Morse, Ramsey, U.S. Tsubaki(UST), Union Chain, UNI, Whitney, Peer, HKK In an industrial facility, motors and turbines use energy to produce rotational mechanical motion. In order to harness this motion to perform useful work, there must be a way to transmit it to other components and machines. One method of power transmission is through the use of Chain and sprocket drives. Chain and sprocket drives consist of an endless series of chain links, which mesh with toothed sprockets. Chain and sprocket drives are used to perform three basic functions: transmitting power, conveying materials, and for timing purposes. Transmitting Power Chain and sprocket drives are used to transmit power from one component to another. Specifically, they transfer speed and torque through the use of a linked chain and sprockets. Chain and sprocket drives are well suited for this task because the sprocket teeth and chain setup results in a positive speed ratio. They are also suitable to transfer a large amount of torque within a compact space. Implementation of Chain and Sprocket Drives in Industrial Applications Chain and sprocket drives are used in many types of industrial applications, such as: Rigging and moving heavy materials Hydraulic lift truck fork operation Increasing or decreasing a driver’s output speed by altering gear ratios between the driver and the sprocket being driven Overhead hoists Operating conveyer belts Conveying materials Chain and sprocket drives are used in many types of industries to move, slide, carry, push and pull a variety of materials. These drives can be used to move objects directly by attaching pockets, buckets, frames, or

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ears are utilized to transmit motion and power between shafts. Gears can be found in virtually every industry, including packaging, material handling, conveyors, machine tools, indexing, food processing, and construction. MPT Drives, Inc. offers gears in many materials, such as plastic, non-metallic, brass, steel and cast iron. Different Types of Gearings The most common types of gears used across various industries are: Spur Gears: Spur gears transmit motion and power between parallel shafts. Different styles include spur, gear rack, pinion wire, stem pinions, and internal gears. Most of these come with a selection of bore diameters, keyways, and setscrews to accommodate a wide variety of application requirements. Spur gears are the most cost effective style of gearing. Helical Gears: Helical gears utilize a 45 degree helix angle to transmit motion between non-intersecting shafts, which are parallel, or at 90 degrees to each other. This gear type provides a smoother, quieter operation, and higher horse power capacity over a spur gear. Miter and Bevel Gears: Miter and Bevel gears are designed to transmit power and motion between intersecting shafts at right angles. Miter gears operate in pairs at a 1:1 ratio, and have the same number of teeth. Bevel gears are available in sets with different ratio configurations. Worm Gears: Worm gears are utilized in power transmission applications requiring high ratio speed reduction in a limited space. The gears are used on right angle, non-intersecting shafts. When properly aligned, worms and worm gears are the quietest and smoothest form of gearing. One drawback of worm gearing is that as the ratio of this gearing increases, the efficiency of the gearing decreases. MPT Drives, Inc. provides appropriate gearboxes for a variety of applications. We provide a wide array of gear types, shaft configurations, ratios, housing materials, and mounting methods. For further information or trade enquiries, you can call on (248) 585-9700, or email at The sales representative at MPT Drives, Inc., will assist you with everything regarding gears for your applications.

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Conventional Belt Drives

A well-designed belt drive will transmit power for many years with minimal maintenance. As such, investing in high quality belts reduces the total cost of ownership of your machinery in the long-run. MPT Drives, Inc., designs belt drives to increase the service life of your application. Conventional V-belts and Belt Drives at MPT Drives MPT Drives, Inc., has an assortment of V-belts to offer. Conventional V-belts have exceptional length stability and drive uniformity. V-Belts are generally considered the least expensive manner in which to transfer power. As V-Belt size and length gets larger, drive efficiencies decrease. Newer belt designs and styles have improved upon the V-Belt and should be considered for more complex drive design. The "V" shape of the V-Belt tracks in a mating groove in a pulley or sheave. V-Belts are also available with cogs, which further increase their efficiency. Many drive systems utilize multi-grooved sheaves to accommodate multiple V-Belts, depending on drive horse power and torque requirements. Such drives can utilize multiple individual V-Belts, or the belts may have a common backing. V-Belts come in five width sizes, are standardized between manufacturers, and are available in a number of different lengths. Synchronous or gearbelt drives are another option to transmitting torque. V-belt drives can slip, which may, at times, come in handy, where synchronous drives will not. Synchronous drives can transmit much more torque than V-belts and are often used for conveying as well. MPT Drives, Inc., offers a complete range of both v-belt and synchronous belts, which can be installed in many different applications. Our belts are suitable for all kinds of industrial applications and machines. Contact MPT Drives, Inc., to find the right belt drive system required for your application. You can call us on (248) 585-9700, or email your queries at

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A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power. MPT Drives coupling product line can offer a solution to almost any need. We can provide a coupling with the potential to increase torque capacity, accommodate shaft misalignment, extend life, and put an end to unexpected downtime. Types of Couplings We Offer We offer many types of coupling solutions that include: Jaw Couplings: Probably the most common type of coupling Can be used at motor speed Consists of two coupling halves and an insert Inserts can be made of Rubber, Bronze, Hytrel, Urethane, among other materials depending on the amount of mis-alignment or torque to be transmitted Gear Couplings: Used in higher torque application Can accommodate larger bore sizes Several different versions and variations available Grid Couplings: Grid couplings use two slotted hubs with a steel grid running between them to transmit torque. Grid couplings are available in horizontal and vertical styles. The grid coupling flexes by allowing the grid to slide along the slots in the hubs. Grid couplings are noted for reducing vibration, absorbing shock and compensating for misalignment. The flexible nature of the spring-like grid absorbs impact energy by spreading it out over time, thus reducing the magnitude of the peak loads. As the load increases, more tooth from the gear comes into contact with the grid, thus supplying superior protection and supreme performance. Grid couplings are fully interchangeable between manufacturers. The grid coupling is simple to install and maintain.

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Synchronous Belt Drives

The notched and wrapped synchronous belts from MPT Drives Inc. are designed to help gearmotors run more efficiently. MPT Drives offers an assortment of synchronous belt drives for a variety of industrial applications. Our synchronous belt drives offer enhanced flexibility due to their tooth design. As a result, our synchronous belt drive offers a considerably high horsepower rating compared to standard conventional belt drives. Beneficial Features of Synchronous Belt Drives Synchronous belt drives available at MPT Drives Inc., offer an array of benefits to the customers like: No lubrication required Long lasting operation High operating efficiency Timed non-slip operation Available in various tooth profiles Easy operation and low maintenance Ideal for a wide variety of speed ranges Provide firm engagement between toothed belts and sprockets Industries Served by MPT Drive’s Synchronous Belt Drives Synchronous belt drives have been adopted by every industry as standard equipment for a variety of applications. Following are some of the common industries they are used in: Mining Air handling Paper manufacturing Cement manufacturing Chemical, oil, and gas Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical Baggage and inventory handling Water and wastewater treatment Common Applications of Synchronous Belt Drives Following are the type of applications served by synchronous belt drives in the aforementioned industries: Heavy machine tools Pumps and compressors Single to bulk material conveyors Air handling blowers, fans, and exhausts Woodworking saws, lathes, planers, mills, etc. Crushers, breakers, classifiers, shredders, and shaker screens

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