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Boiler Water Storage Tanks

Boiler Water Storage Tanks

Clients can avail the most durable Boiler Water Storage Tanks. We offer a huge assortment of Insulated Boiler Water Storage Tanks with capacity of 490 Gallons. The best grade plain steel plates are used to manufacture these rigid Boiler Water Storage Tanks. Our offered Boiler Water Storage Tanks are also reinforced with sturdy rods so that they easily withstand heavy pressure. Because of the compact structure of the Boiler Water Storage Tanks, it becomes convenient to move them through most doors.

Specifications :

  • Insulated with 1 1/2â rock-wool
  • 490 Gallons
  • 30â wide x 6â tall x 7â long
  • Fits through most doors
  • Constructed from 1/8" plain steel plate
  • Reinforced with 1" rods across to be able to resist pressure
  • Multiple 1 1/2" outlets
  • Finished with painted steel plates

Price : $2,980.00

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