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Root Base 5-Vam Mycorrhizae

We are a prominent Root Base 5-Vam Mycorrhizae supplier and exporter in the market. Root Base 5-Vam Mycorrhizae is the Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae that is a symbiotic entophytic soil fungus which colonizes the roots of approximately 80% plants. These fungi produce hyphae which are the microscopic tubes that colonize crop roots and grow out into the soil like root hairs. Nutrients are taken up by the hyphae of the fungi and then carried back to the plants. This results in very efficient mobilization and uptake of fertilizers and other nutrients by the plants. The offered Root Base 5-Vam Mycorrhizae can be mixed with any organic manure and applied uniformly to all plants near the roots. We are also capable to fulfill the bulk orders as per the client’s requirement. The provided Root Base 5-Vam Mycorrhizae can be stored for one year at room temperature.

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