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Our product range comtains a wide range of 4 Inch Pin Style Link, Hearth Rolls, Return Rolls, Alloy Pins for Belt Assembly and Custom Castings

4 Inch Pin Style Link

The P-448 is a four-inch pitch, three-inch-wide link and is assembled using a three-quarter-inch diameter pin. By test, this link is the strongest of our four-inch pitch group and fractures under load at room temperature at thirty-five thousand p.s.i. Mode of failure is fractures through the end bearing walls. These links are machined through the end bearing holes to remove draft and establish a true in-pitch surface for pin engagement. The links, when assembled, have a twenty-thousandths clearance with adjacent links at room temperature and a twelve-thousandths clearance at operating temperature.

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Hearth Rolls

Omega Castings is the premier producer of alloy hearth rolls for the heat treat industry. We have achieved this level of quality by producing a hearth roll that provides the greatest value for the customer. We do this by manufacturing rolls in either a plug or tapered style with one-piece cast trunnions in the alloy most suited to the customer's application. Yet, it takes more than quality construction and alloy to make a hearth roll that is the longest lasting in the industry. We take the time to ask the right questions, such as: “What is the loading, application temperature, and atmosphere the roll will have to serve?” We then engineer our rolls so that, in case of power failure (or other issues causing the furnace to halt motion), our rolls can support the load, at temperature, without bending.

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Return Rolls

Return rolls are similar to hearth rolls in that tube dimensions and trunnion selection are the same. However, return rolls have an added supporting tube that contacts the belt. Return rolls can be produced in two different ways. The first way has less upfront costs and consists of using two short tubes with tube supports at each end to support the center support roll. The second method uses a two-piece design where there is one center tube, which supports the larger supporting tube. The benefit of the two-piece design, while somewhat more expensive to produce initially, is that if either tube should be damaged (i.e. broken trunnion or distorted contact tube), the unit can be repaired at less expense than replacing the entire roll. Return rolls should be used on any cast link belt in excess of forty eight inches wide and, of course, some forty eight inch belts are also returned on return rolls instead of skid tiles.

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Alloy Pins for Belt Assembly

Omega Castings only uses the highest quality alloy pins for assembling our belts. As new alloys become available, we are constantly evaluating them to determine if they are upgrades to our current product line. When we establish an alloy is a better value, we immediately start recommending it to our customers so they can take advantage of it as soon as possible.

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Custom Castings

Sometimes there just isn't an off-the-shelf solution or the supplier you used to count on is no longer available. If you need a custom casting or assembly for your high temperature application, Omega can help. We have a history of producing custom castings to fit the needs of our customers. From fingers that move cast-iron pipe through a furnace to hanger assemblies that carry radiator assemblies, we can work with you to develop a solution.Â

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6 Inch Pitch Links

The P-664-L is a six-inch pitch link slightly less than four inches wide and is assembled using a three-quarter-inch diameter pin. This link is a pintel variety, in as much as each link follows the preceding link in assembly. This type of link is used in solid belt construction, as well as "carrier belt" construction. Carrier belts are made up of single rows of links held in position with washers welded to the pins to maintain separation. Various numbers of rows of links can be assembled in a given belt, depending on the desired width of the final belt. Most rows are separated with a gap of eleven inches or less and facilitate a mesh belt overlay. The carrier belts are most used in draw or tempering furnaces, whereas the solid construction belts are used for hardening applications.

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3 Inch Pitch Links

he P-324 is a three-inch pitch, one-and-one-half-inch-wide link and is assembled with other like links using one-half-inch diameter pins. These links are used in furnaces with lighter load applications and, in many cases, for specific parts that require manual or robotic loading and unloading. This type of link was first used in the earliest cast-link belt furnaces (circa 1930's) and is still used in a number of smaller furnaces today. Various special-shaped three-inch pitch links have been designed for special purpose, all are used in solid belt construction.

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