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Body Mount Kit

Body Mount Kit

Body Mount Kit, Poly, 12 bushing; 07-17 JKU
The Rugged Ridge polyurethane body mount kit, in red, is a complete replacement kit. The kit includes lower and upper body mounts, body mount plates, metal sleeves, bolts, nuts, and washers. There has been an ongoing debate about rubber vs. polyurethane as to what is better, It truly depends on how you are using your Jeep. In most cases polyurethane outperforms its rubber counterparts in replacement of bushings and mounts. The products will last longer standing up to road debris, chemicals, oils, compression, and load. They will perform better by removing additional sloppiness in suspension performance due to worn, damaged, or missing bushings. It is however, a little stiffer than rubber.

  • Color : Red
  • UPC : 804314292256
  • Weight : 17.2000
  • Dimensions : l: 10.25 w: 9.3 h: 6.3
  • SKU : 1-117

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