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Rear Wiper Blade

Rear Wiper Blade

Rear Wiper Blade, 12 Inch; 97-02 XJZJ
This 12-inch rear wiper blade from Omix-ADA fits 97-01 Jeep Cherokee and 94-02 Grand Cherokee.
Over time, the rubber on your wiper blade can split or crack, pull away from the wiper frame, or the wiper frame can bend or break causing the arm not to function properly. In these cases, it can cause the blade not to make full contact with your windshield, clouding your vision when driving. Restore functionality to your wiper blade with these new replacement rear wiper blades from Omix-ADA.

  • Reference No. : 55154727
  • Dimensions : l: 19 w: 2 h: 1
  • Weight : 1.0000
  • SKU : 19712.10

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