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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Sheet Metal Precision Machining, cnc vertical machining, Precision Machining Kits, Hog Outs Precision Machining and Turned Parts

Sheet Metal Precision Machining

Sheet metal parts are defined as material .249 or less in thickness. Typical products are aluminum and can be formed via aluminum machining but have several steel and titanium parts as well. PnJ is capable of managing all types of precision machining metal forming including stretch, hot, cold rolled, brake forming (including Joggling). Currently one of our main stream forming product are Ø1.25 tube which is formed then pedestals are welded to tubes to create Handrails for 777 crew rest. PnJ has manufactured an enormous variety of sheet metal formed parts, from 70+inches long to simple angle bends. PnJ is capable of producing parts used in electrical discharge areas requiring ground studs, ground block, or variations there of. These parts require Continuity Testing which PnJ is approved for BAC5117. Contact Us today about our sheet metal and forming precision machining capabilities.

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cnc vertical machining

All vertical machines in our CNC vertical machining centers utilize sub-plates, G10 preset height offsets, and pinned vice jaws to decrease our machine time set-up and improve overall productivity. Our HAAS Family of Vertical CNC Machines allows us the flexibility of adjusting the shop schedule based on machine load without reprogramming or tooling changes. The HAAS VF2 Machining Centers are the smallest of our Haas fleet. These light duty machines are very durable, stable and have a consistent, predictable output. These HAAS Machining Centers are capable of working with a wide variety of materials including aluminum and hard alloys. The HAAS VF4 Machining Centers feature rotary 4th axis rotators allowing us to rotate parts for increased productivity by reducing the burden of multiple loads on more complex parts. The HAAS VF6 25 H.P Machine Centers run our monthly kitted long extrusion parts. These are our longest bed machines at P & J. P & J Machining, Inc. has produced parts as long as 240' and have the capability to machine even longer parts in record time.

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Precision Machining Kits

PnJ Machining is fluent in the creation shipping kits or groupings of parts to fit our customers' needs for contract and sub-contracted machining. This process can be accomplished in several ways according to customer demands. Currently, we ship many kits of identical parts on a monthly basis to our customers. One particular kit is composed of 30 to 80 inch extruded parts in shipment quantities of in excess of 30 to 40 products. These kits are shipped in assembly and detail forms with the same kit components. Additionally, PnJ also ships kit carts where a group of parts are shipped via complex part lists and varies with each successive delivery. These varying kit shipments are managed through internal processes that determine the schedule of product deliveries and future requirement evaluation. A process integrated minmax system implemented by PnJ tracks a customer's inventory system and maintains part quantities based on a predetermined inventory range. For example: a value of 15-35 indicates that no less than 15 and no more than 35 parts should be available to the customer at any given time. Approaching the minimum level of parts triggers the inclusion of part production to maintain the customers' inventory levels as required. This necessitates future forecast planning to anticipate the increase or reduction in product demand. Each of these systems saves our customers time and money by eliminating the need for internal employee hours in inventory oversight, management, forecasting and more. Reducing purchase order management for our customers is a significant time and cost saver given the dynamics of short flow production and capacity demands. A Just-In-Time (JIT) or Short Flow Production requirement creates additional expense for our customers and introduces the potential for production capacity limitations that can result in the inability of a customer to meet their own production requirements. Kits of this nature also save on shipping crate costs due to reusable containers. With the customer's reduction on inventory management costs and oversight via shipment of monthly kits, there is no worry of the increase or decrease of production output affecting your ability to meet customer needs.

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Hog Outs Precision Machining

PnJ has the precision machining capability to manufacture parts ranging from simple 3 axis parts to complicated 5th axis parts; from decorative to structural components. Materials for this category can be metallic or non-metallic. PnJ has made product from almost every material available in today’s market. There is a wide range of product in this field and PnJ has the machines suitable for the product being manufactured. Matching the machine to product being made is key to the success of any package awarded.

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Turned Parts

PnJ Machining manufactures product ranging from small pins to complex crank arms. Parts in this field range in materials from metallic to non-metallic. Processes include close tolerance grinding, pre and post plating, from Lathe to CNC machines. Product complexity determines methods of manufacturing.

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V Special Precision Machining Processes

The majority of all products have special processing or plating conducted to it. PnJ Machining has aligned ourselves with local companies that support our short flow needs while maintaining high quality standards. These range from Cad plate, anodize (multiple standards and or colors) chemical treating (alodine), top coats including brush satin, paint (large selection of customer designated colors), powder coating, Chromium, and Chromoly, just to name a few. This includes parts visible to the cabin interior with very strict acceptance criteria. After special precision machining services have been completed some products required assembly. This includes but is not limited to rivet, bushing (including reaming), bearing (swage, stake, or press), bonding, and sealing. PnJ does a very wide range of assembled products including aerospace machining with ever challenging new techniques and customer designated standards. PnJ is always ready for new challenges when dealing with new product such as the new 787 Dreamliner.

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Pnj Machining provides aluminum machining for panels made from aluminum (current product used on floor designs), also crush core fiberglass sheets with honey comb cores. These products cover large areas with close tolerances. By using a vacuum plate, this allows the material to be secured during machining of large product. Extrusions (channels) come in with incredibly complex shapes to simple shapes. Currently one product line being manufactured with precision machining is floor supports. We use H shaped material made out of aluminum, machined to contour with nutplate and standoff locations. This product line is sold as a kit with monthly shipments. Raw material is purchased, cut, manufactured, additional special processing, and assembled in kit form. This creates ease of flow and tracking of multiple products that make the kit, also PO changes and tracking is simplified when using kits.

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