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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Minty, Vanilla Malt Cookie, Peanut Pretzel, Ginger Cookie Snap and Banana Whama


We’ve taken the standard mint ice cream to refreshing new heights by combining peppermint and double-fold Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract to create a flavor that’s creamy, cool, sweet, and FULL of minty flavor. To this we’ve added another twist on tradition—chunks of dark chocolate GLUTEN-FREE Mint Slims from Goodie Girl Cookies, so everyone can enjoy Traits: Strong-willed, adventurous, ambitious. Likes: Rock-climbing, spicy margaritas, live music. Dislikes: Pinot Noir, manicures, daily routines.

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Vanilla Malt Cookie

We added chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough to the mix because, well, cookie dough just makes everything better. This flavor is nostalgia-inducing, comforting, and our spin on a soda fountain classic. Traits: Impulsive, indulgent, goofy. Likes: Chili slaw dogs, drive-thrus, rom-coms. Dislikes: Diets, one-night stands, last call.

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Banana Whama

This is quite simply, banana pudding in ice cream form with chunks of vanilla wafers. Traits: Bold, gregarious and fun loving. Likes: Fried chicken, adventures and picnics. Dislikes: Rainy days, boredom and predictability.

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coconut keylime

This flavor has hints of tang and graham cracker chunks making you want bite after bite. Traits: Free spirited, easy going and fun. Likes: Vacations, the tropics and surfing. Dislikes: Cold weather, long lines and rules.

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Peanut Pretzel

We combined creamy peanut butter ice cream with slightly salty pretzels covered in chocolate to form the Bermuda Triangle of ice cream flavors. Traits: Relatable yet surprising. Likes: Tailgating, barbequing and good times with friends. Dislikes: Dieting, Light .

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Ginger Cookie Snap

We use real, jucied ginger for a super gingery, zingy flavor. Then we combine this with ginger cookies filled with lemon icing. It’s a creamy ice cream exploding with yummy ginger goodness. Traits: Independent, vibrant and outgoing. Likes: Sassy people, pies of any kind and an empty bowl. Dislikes: Routines, ginger imposters.

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