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POBCO FEP Roll Covers

POBCO FEP Roll Covers

PTFE Heat Shrinkable Flexible Tubing

FEP Roller PreperationRoller Preparation:
The surfaces of the roll to be covered should be smooth, clean, and dry. Although it is not necessary to turn or grind the roller surface down, foreign material such as oil, loose scale, product build-up, etc. must be removed (this is best accomplished by using non-oil base solvent such as acetone or toluene). Slip the tubing onto the roller carefully so as to avoid nicks, creases or scratches. Trim tubing to length, leaving at least two inches extra on each end of roll surface.

A heat source is required to shrink the tubing onto the roll to be covered. A commercial hot air gun capable of delivering temperatures between 500°F and 1000°F is adequate. Two heat guns are recommended to ensure a smooth, uniform covering without wrinkling. Additionally, the roller and the tube should be rotated at a fairly uniform speed.

  • Nominal Dia. Inches : 1/2"

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