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POBCO Sleeve & Flange Bearings

POBCO Sleeve & Flange Bearings

Available in POBCO-B Wood Bearing Material and a variety of POBCO Plastics including POBCO Ultra-D (UHMWPE), POBCO Plus (food grade fluid lube-filled UHMWPE) POBCO NYLONS, POBCO ACETAL and POBCO RULONSĀ® Specify dimensions, shaft size and operating conditions. Two piece bearings are available. Design Guidelines When possible, the length to inside diameter ratio should be from 1:1 to 3:1. In general, the wall thickness should be approximately 15% of the shaft diameter. The choice of bearing material is also a determining factor in bearing design.

  • I.D. Inches : 1/4
  • Part No.** : SL*0406008
  • Length Inches : 1/2
  • O.D. Inches : 3/8

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