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POBCO SnapIdle Chain Tensioner

POBCO SnapIdle Chain Tensioner

The ideal way to maintain tension on moving chains.

Floating idler utilizes more pulling power of the sprocket and chain while reducing wear on both. Pobco SnapIdle® Chain Tensioners are available in Standard (PSI-ST Series), High Temp. (PSI-HT Series), Extra Heavy (PSI-XH Series), and Single Guide (PSI-SG Series).

The Plastic Saddle Blocks Come Complete. Positioned in 304 Stainless Steel Carriers.

To Determine Part Number:
1. For Standard add ST to end of No. i.e. For #40 Chain - PSI-40-ST
2. For High Temp. add HT to end of No. i.e. For #60 Chain - #PSI-60-HT
3. For Extra Heavy add XH to end of No. i.e. For #50 Chain - #PSI-50-XH
4. For Single Guide add SG1 or SG2 to end of No. i.e. for #60 Chain - #PSI-60-SG1 or #PSI-60-SG2

FOR ANSI Chain No's 25-600

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