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Power Combustion Technology, Inc.

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Solar Powered Generator 7kW-35kW + Containerized Module

Solar Powered Generator 7kW-35kW + Containerized Module

USD 100000 / Set(s) ( Approx )

PWRStation Solar powered Generator fully containerized wheather-hurricane proof. Unit to include all required operational components and batteries to manually deploy and retract in case of an environmental emergency. Unit comes with control panel, inverters, charge controllers, storage backup batteries and can come with optional hybrid configuration for small electric generator diesel, natural or propane gas fired. Plug and play technology for remote places or where standard electricity can't be provided immediately. Containers comes in 10' or 20' configuration. Multiple systems available for emergency response and remote areas electrification. 230 VAC 50/60 Hz Single and 400 VAC 50/60 Hz Three Phases.

Upgrading diesel gensets to hybridized diesel-solar microgrids has never been easier.

A solar generator is an effective complement to a fuel-driven generator in countless applications. Solar generators do not have high fuel and maintenance expenses nor the noise, fumes, and toxic chemicals associated with fuel-driven power generators.

With its simple, highly transportable design, PWRstation serves as a viable independent power source that alleviates the high costs associated with supplying fuel in markets where portable power generation is necessary.

The system can pay for itself in a very short period of time. PWRstations come in many power variations and easily scale up to meet any size of power requirement.

It has minimal operating cost, it is deployed and redeployable in minutes, requires virtually no maintenance, and has a much longer manufacturer‘s warranty for power output. PWRstations are also portable, rugged and are ideal for land, sea & air transport.

​What separates solar and fuel-driven generators is their levels of energy efficiency. A solar generator harvests power all day, can store it in batteries, and supply that stored power as needed. The result is an extremely efficient use of power.

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