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Steam Boilers

Steam Boilers

We offer our clients to make online and offline payment to facilitate the trade and make payment process completely hassle free. Our products are tested on various parameters during the production process to ensure their adherence to the industrial quality standards. Johnston Boiler Co., Victory Energy, Columbia Boilers and Others.

Details :

  • Continuous operation since 1864.
  • 50-2500 BHP (1,700 - 85,000 PPH)
  • 3 & 4 Pass Water-Back Firetube Design
  • Efficiencies up to 90%
  • Low NOx Emissions as low as 9, 12 or 30 PPM
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • 15 Year Warranties

Products Features :

  • Autoflame Control Panel - The standard NEMA 12 control panel contains on/off pushbuttons or switches, manual flame potentiometer, relays, the Honeywell RM7800 flame safeguard, and a 4" alarm horn with silencing switch.
  • The Factory Test - Each costumer ordered packafge is completely fire tested from low fire to high fire verifying safety control shutdowns, burner performance and fuel/air ratio to assure product performance as specified.
  • Ease of Fireside Inspection - Front and rear doors are hinged and davited to provide simple opening and minimum clearance for full access to fireside tube surfaces, which eliminates the necessity of disconnecting the burner and fuel piping.
  • Fuel Flow Control Valves - Contoured cam valves provide reliable fuel to air ratio set points from low fire to high fire assuring the best burner efficiency.
  • Steam Baffle - Th On all steam boilers, an integral baffle is located below the nozzle outlet and assures dry steam for process load applications.
  • Minimal Use of Refractory - Johnston uses a durable, lightweight ceramic fiber blanket in all front and rear flue doors. This saves on expensive refractory door repair.
  • No Propietary Trim - The majority of Johnston Boiler controls are "off the shelf" items which eliminates stocking of proprietary parts and lengthy down time in the event of control malfunctions
  • Custom Engineered/Custom Built - Every Johnston Boiler is specifically engineered and built to every costumer's needs and specifications. Special sizes, fuels, and auxiliary equipment are "no problem" with Johnston.
  • Waterside Inspection - Handholes are furnished in the front and rear heads so area below surface can be observed for sediment and mud accumulation. A manhole is located in the rear head (front head on 3 pass) for easy inspection and waterside access.
  • Fan - Swing-away hinge mounted fan assembly permits easy access to centrifugal fan and burner internals without having to disconnect fuel lines, burner or entire boiler front (100-1600HP)
  • Autoflame Blowdown - Each boiler is equipped with a top mounted continuous surface blowoff tapping with integral diptube for connection to a surface metering valve to maintain proper TDS water quality.
  • Insulation & Jacket - TA minimum of 2 inches of fiberglass blanket is used on the entire pressure vessel shell and rear head. This insulation is covered with a galvannealed non-corroding steel jacket. Segments are attached with a locking seam joint and self-tapping screws

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