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Roller Chain

Roller Chain

Roller chain is a critical component in the power transmission process. A roller chain is what
one sprocket needs in order to move another sprocket(s). The design of modern industrial roller
chain makes it a very efficient choice for the transmission of power from the driven to the nondriven
end of your machine. Compared to older versions of drive chain, modern roller chain
makes use of a bushing and roller between the side plates that facilitates smoother motion and
less wear over time. In addition to being strong and flexible, it is also easy to keep clean and
lubricated. There are very few industrial applications where roller chain is not used.
Industrial roller chain is a very simple design. It consists of a bushing and roller that is held in
place by a steel pin. This pin is also what holds the side plates secure with spring pins or cotter
pins. The image below shows these parts of the chain.

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