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Our product range contains a wide range of REVERSE STARTER MOUNT BELLHOUSING, flexplates and PowerTrain Technology REPLACEMENT CLUTCH PACKS


PTT's reverse starter mount bellhousings have set a new standard for lightness. It is available in magnesium or aluminum. The magnesium bellhousing weighs only 6 pounds; the aluminum is a mere 9 pounds! This bellhousing is intended to be used with lightweight, button-style flywheels and a starter ring gear mounted on top of the clutch. There are a number of advantages to using a reverse mount bellhousing: the starter is mounted away from the heat of the headers, the small diameter flywheel and clutch allow the drivetrain to be mounted lower in the chassis and the smaller overall physical size of the bellhousing is more easily packaged in a stock car, relocating the starter lowers the vehicle's polar moment of inertia, resulting in better handling and faster turn-in response.
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Lightweight button style flywheels are a way of getting a lightweight racing clutch mounted on your race car. They can be used in combination with a lightweight flexplate (if using a starter in the stock location with a stock diameter ring gear), or with a reverse mount ring gear (if using a reverse starter mount bellhousing).
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4inch PowerStar 5 Leg Racing Clutch

A PTT 4.5" clutch also allows the car to decelerate faster without using up more of your brakes. There is less inertia in the drivetrain that the brakes have to slow down so you get more 'engine braking' with a lighter clutch. Quicker Shifting. The lower M.O.I. of the clutch discs allow quicker shifting. Less wear on the syncros, or dog rings, in your transmission. Lower M.O.I. clutch discs change r.p.m. faster, causing less stress on transmission parts.When it is time to select a winning clutch for your racecar, remember:
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4 Racing Clutch

PTT's 4.5" Power-V racing clutches are the lightest Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) clutches in our product line. They have approximately half the M.O.I. of our 5.5" clutches. If the rules you race under allow a clutch this small, you cannot afford to pass up this speed advantage. The simple facts are this:A PTT 4.5" clutch makes your racecar accelerate faster. It lowers the rotating weight in you racecar's driveline, allowing your engine's horsepower to accelerate the car faster
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Reverse mount ring gears (RM-RG) mount onto the clutch cover with the clutch bolts. They are used with a reverse starter mount bellhousing instead of a flexplate. The RM-RG's for the 5.5" and 4.5" clutches have a scalloped adapter that reduces static weight and greatly reduces M.O.I.
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Low Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) flexplates are a way of getting a lightweight racing clutch mounted on your racecar, while using a starter located in the stock location, turning a stock diameter ring gear. These flexplates are used in combination with a lightweight button style flywheel that is approximately the same diameter as the racing clutch being mounted. The flywheels are called button style flywheels due to their small `button-like' size. Button flywheels & low M.O.I. flexplates are lighter than a one piece flywheel. They are lighter in price as well. If your rules dictate a stock diameter ring gear, this set-up has a high level of performance and a lot of `bang for the buck'.PTT's Low M.O.I. Flexplates are engineered to make the most of lightweight racing clutches. These flexplates vary slightly by application, but all of them have reduced thickness, premium quality, and hardened ring gears. The reduced thickness translates to lower rotating weight & faster acceleration, while still offering great reliability & long life. They are robotically welded to a steel center plate made from a high tensile, fatigue resistant alloy that is perfectly matched to high r.p.m. racecar use.
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Street-MAX Street Stock Hydraulic Release Bearing

  • Bearing Diamete 1.81" ID / 2.70" OD
  • Piston through diameter Chevy = 1.38", Ford = 1.44", Chrysler = 1.26"
Weighing in at just under 78 pound, PTT's new Street-MAX offers MAX-imum strength, MAX-imum lightness and MAX-imum reliability for street stock racers. Designed with 34" of travel made specifically for use with 10.5" streeet stock clutches that require a flat face bearing. It includes PTT's exclusive custom designed, low drag, flat face angular contact ball bearing as standard equipment. Street-MAX fits Muncie, Jerico, Roltek, T-10, T-101, Saginaw & other transmissions. Works best with 34" master cylinders. Street-MAX's short 1.70" overall height allows it to fit into more confined areas. It includes all mounting hardware and has simple drop-in installation. Self adjusting for less maintenance. Street-MAX is CNC manufactured to unwaivering PTT high quality standards. It is manufactured from high-strength extruded aluminum and then hard coat anodized for long life. It utilizes extreme fluid power engineering in order to withstand the rigors of harsh racing environments. Every Street-MAX is pressure tested at the factory to over twice its normal operating pressure. Available for Chevy, Ford and Chrysler applications.
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PTT also offers custom manufactured flywheels. If you have an engine or chassis combination that you would like to install a racing clutch into, please feel free to contact the engineering department at PTT for a high performance solution that is right for you
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Tri MAX Bolt Hydraulic Release Bearing

PTT's Tri-MAX Hydraulic Release Bearing (HRB) is the most reliable, lightest, and strongest bolt-in HRB on the racecar market. Tri-MAX is designed to work with all small diameter multi-disc racing clutches and will fit Muncie, Jerico, Roltek, T-10, T-101, Saginaw & other transmissions. Tri-MAX has a full 34" of release travel, (the longest travel in its class) and has superbly engineered hydraulics to ensure positive, 100% clutch engagement. PTT's custom-designed, low drag, 1.6" radius face bearing is standard equipment. The smaller diameter contact reduces clutch pedal effort, while also lowering the thrust on the back of the crank! Tri-MAX works best with 58" or 34" master cylinders. Tri-MAX is CNC manufactured to aircraft industry tolerances from high strength aluminum. All moving parts are premium hardcoat anodized for long, trouble-free life. Tri-MAX is designed for, and has been pressure tested to over 2500 p.s.i. with no failures. All Tri-MAX bearings are pressure tested to twice normal operating pressure before leaving the factory. You can bolt a Tri-MAX in with confidence knowing that it will work as advertised right out of the box. The velvety smooth clutch actuation you get from a Tri-MAX has to be felt to be believed. Tri-MAX is the reason you want to run a hydraulic release bearing. MAX-imum strength! Manufactured from high-strength extruded aluminum. Guaranteed for life never to break due to structural failure!MAX-imum lightness! Tri-MAX weighs less than1 pound! That's 20% to 50% less than other manufacturers' bolt-in HRB'sMAX-imum reliability! Built to withstand more than 3 times normal operating pressure.Tri-MAX has 34" of bearing travel.Simple bolt-in installation. No shims to adjust or complicated measuring.Precision aligned for less clutch wearLow-drag hydraulics guarantee complete clutch engagementIncludes PTT's exclusive 1.6" diameter radius faced angular contact ball bearing.
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PowerTrain Technology replacement clutch packs utilize a premium friction material which offers good torque capacity and superior wear rates. Hubs are high quality CNC machined hi-alloy steel. Friction material is thermally fused to a high strength steel core plate. Rivets are purpose built to PTTs rigorous engineering specifications expressly for use in high torque applications. These clutch packs can also be used in AP Racing, Quarter Master, Tilton and other popular circle track or road racing clutches.F
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