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Delta Printing Machine

Delta Printing Machine

Easy Setup and Quick Transition Ensures Maximum Productivity

The Delta printer is simple to set up and changeover. The secret is the 109 snap-in carrier links. These links can easily be installed or removed in 3 minutes without the use of tools. Full set up with design rolls, ink and rubber rolls can be accomplished within 30 minutes.

Delta Standard Equipment Includes:

A dual chain, interlocking and fully enclosed stainless steel base cabinet
A servo drive system for precision print registration
Swing arm HMI
Fully adjustable hopper
Quick release rubber rolls
Locking wheel system
Complete tool kit
One year warrantyOptions:

IQOQ Documents
Bulk Hopper
Floor Level In-feed Bulk Hopper
Visual Inspection System
Visual inspection and rejection system: single sided
Visual inspection and rejection system: double Sided

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