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  • Delta Laser Drill

    R. W. Hartnett’s Delta model has been integrated with a laser system to penetrate the outer coating of a tablet with a laser beam of predetermined strength and diameter. Changeover between products is effortless with pre-programmed laser recipes and quick release carrier links that are removed ...

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  • Delta Printing Machine

    Easy Setup and Quick Transition Ensures Maximum Productivity The Delta printer is simple to set up and changeover. The secret is the 109 snap-in carrier links. These links can easily be installed or removed in 3 minutes without the use of tools. Full set up with design rolls, ink and ...

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  • GPS Machine

    The ‘GPS’ Machine is a high-speed, dual sided tablet printer. This mobile unit features a user friendly design with hassel free changeable bars and parts, adjustable hopper and the latest in ink viscosity. Capable of 150,000 units per hour. Additional details to follow.

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  • H-Track Laser Writer

    R. W. Hartnett’s model HC-LM Laser Writing Machine is designed to laser etch a trademark onto a single surface of a soft gelatin capsule. Servomotors and the cantilever system simplify precision laser writing registration. Integrated controls and quick change parts make this machine user-friendly ...

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  • H-Track Printing Machine

    The “H-Track” printing machine has the ability to print 1 side of a caplet or soft gel . This machine can be used for multiple products because of its easy setup and quick change parts. Carrier bars with 6 pockets each, enable this machine to print up to 150,000 units per hour. H-Track ...

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  • IBM Machine

    The Model ‘IBM’ Flood Feeder is a volume printing machine. This machine prints 13-18 rows simultaneously depending on the size and quality of the product. The Model “IBM” machine can reach output rates of 300,000pcshr depending on product size and quality. Features: Flood ...

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  • Model B Printer

    The Model B Machine is a user-friendly hard gelatin capsule printer, soft gelatin capsule printer, tablets, pills and lentil printer. With our flood feeding system were able to ensure you get the highest output in a small amount of time. Features Include: The Model B is capable of ...

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  • Model C Printer

    The Model C is made for your specific capsule dimension. The Model C prints ten rows simultaneously and has an output capacity of 320,000 units per hour. With no moving parts in the rectifying system, operation is dependable and trouble free. The high performance machine can be equipped with ...

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  • Pharmaceutical Tablet Printing

    We offer many printing solutions for your pharmaceutical tablets. Our machines are capable of printing 1-sided or 2-sided, depending on your needs, in whatever colors you desire. At R.W. Hartnett, we understand how important quality and precision is when printing on your pharmaceutical tablets. ...

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