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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Cantilever Presses, Patchers, Pump stands, slitter and Turrets Rewinds.

Cantilever Presses

  • Name CLP-1000
  • RG Format name Format A
  • Repeat Range 18" to 24"
  • Max Working Width 60" wide

The RG cantilevered press represents the culmination of over a decade of manufacturing flexo presses, wax coaters, differential coaters, gravure stations and a broad variety of custom processing equipment. The result is a very simple versatile print station that embraces the latest direct drive servo technology to provide a rapid production solution to the modern short run converte With a six color job change performed in just under 11 minutes and automatic register presetting a standard feature make-ready time is minimized and time in production is maximized. With simple touch screen operation, graphic web path diagrams, and a press that performs setup and print register automatically the operator is able to focus more on the finished product and less on being a make ready artist. Standard Features Direct servo driven sleeved Anilox roller. Direct servo driven sleeved Plate cylinder. Servo plate to anilox adjustment. Manual or Servo Impression to plate adjustment. Floating impression allows tissue, poly, and board to run back to back on any production day. Each station has differential anilox speed adjustments for ink or coating volume adjustment. When combined with our Coat Weight Monitoring system any station can provide a specific coat weight per bond ream. Automatic preregister is a standard feature that uses a pin on the plate cylinder to locate the plate sleeve and determine the new servo position for registered color to color print before the web starts to move. The Direct Register feature that is optional on our geared presses is now a standard feature and allows the operator to tell the press exactly how far to move any color. Remote Diagnostics for machine updates and maintenance assistance. Press frames are available in 1 to 3 colors per frame or tower. Each customer can mix or match frame combinations and web paths to fit individual production requirements.

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The patcher can place windows on envelopes, boxes or run a continuous stream laminated to a web. The customer will specify 10DP or 14CP for the patch drum repeat. Touch screen Operation, setup and cleaning of the glue station and knife station. Patch length and bag length Speed settings for automatic startup Vacuum and blower functions General operation status and control. Status page for fault records and servo status. Glue applicator The glue application unit has independent plate to Anilox and plate to impression adjustment. The glue applicator is equipped with a doctor blade chamber system. A drip pan is located directly below the doctor blade chamber system. Pumps are available in both peristaltic or diaphragm. Quick change of plate and Anilox cylinder without any use of tools. All rollers are supplied with optimal bearing seals to prevent glue integration. {RG engineering Inc. :: Patcher RG engineering Inc. :: Patcher RG engineering Inc. :: Patcher Belt Delivery The vacuum belt drive is supplied with a separate servomotor linked to the glue unit. The vacuum belt is a seamless belt with bushings designed to allow quick change. Rotary cut off The Knife and Anvil Rollers are driven by independent servos for allowing consistent accurate cuts. Patch application The impression roller is located under the patcher's Anvil cylinder, and is sleeved for easy in machine replacement. The patch applicator can be laterally adjusted via a turn wheel and acme screw system.

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Pump stands

Each pump is computer controlled and linked to the press so they ramp up and down with the press speed supplying the required flow based on speed. Designed to reduce flashing in anilox cells by keeping the roller wet at all times using twin pumps to feed and return ink to the doctor blade cavity. The tower will handle two print stations All lines use quick release fittings allowing the operator to remove for cleaning or color change. The system takes five minutes to flush the cavity and clean anilox roller though multiple stations can be placed in to clean mode at the same time making for rapid job or color changing.

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RG Engineering provides a variety of AC Vector driven slitting options that can be customized to meet your needs. The computer controlled lay-on nip and bowed rolls eliminate entrapped air producing perfect roll construction. Our shafted and turret rewinders are fitted with the RG high speed slitter head assembly. SLIT HEAD ASSEMBLY: A Heavy duty cantilever pivoting assembly and pressure roller assemblies ensure precise spacing and pressure to the rewound roll resulting in a perfect O.D. structure from core to finished roll. Both the shafted unwinds and rewinds can be equipped with our jumbo roll lift in and out automation. We also offer shaftless and turret winders. Feel the power of our AC Vector drive technology without using line shafts, clutches, or brakes. The vector motors electronically drive and control tension and are linked together to redistribute power from the unwind to the rewind. This connection reduces overall power consumption by as much as 20%.

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Turrets Rewinds

Each model of Turret rewind features our long pressure arm with integrated taper tension and optional slitting. The pressure arm design provides a simple path for webbing and a compact splicing unit. The simple design and intelligent control produce a turret capable of very precise control of tension and roll quality. Two AC Vector drive powers the rewind stand for accurate roll speed and web tension. Rewind stand are located in a cabinet with touch screen interface for the operator. An Air Actuated Nip Roll with pressure control is standard on the rewind stand to eliminate air trapped in the rewound roll and ensure tightly wound rolls. A bowed roller will be incorporated to aid in slitting delicate substrates. The stand comes equipped with two three inches in diameter, air locking shaft. Stand is equipped with locking shaft clamps for rapid roll change. Roll size 10” to 40” Tool less female slitter knife removal. All safety areas gated or covered by hard mounted guards. Both manual and automatic operation. Dancer tension control set in touch screen. A dancer assembly will control tension.

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Standard Geared Press

  • Name SPG-1000
  • RG Format Name Format A
  • Repeat Range 18" to 24"
  • Max Working Width 80"
  • Top Speed 2000

RG engineering's flexographic presses can operate in the roll to roll configuration. Designed to operate in-line with any other converting equipment, the printers can provide no gap, no smear, no fault printing regardless of cycle times, when equipped with an optional festoon system. Full web or pattern coating can be performed without affecting the ability of a print station to operate as a standard flexographic unit. Servo driven printing stations maintain register without the need for continual adjustment. Multiple web path capability offers the advantage of simultaneously printing on each or both sides of the web in any possible combination. The machine is supplied with simple push button controls for presetting and register correction. Press frames are available in 1 to 3 colors per frame or tower. Each customer can mix or match frame combinations and web paths to fit individual production requirements.

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Auto Lap Unwind

The Auto Lap Unwind consists of two standard stacked RG unwinds with individual Vector drives and dancer tension control. An infeed drive and web reference roller control the festoon motion while a common splicing station cuts and nips the web from one roll to the other. A central controller monitors roll size, web speed, web caliper, festoon and dancer positions as well as operator settings for auto roll stop and web tension. This information is provided to the operator in a touch screen at the operator control panel. The unwind is described in three groups; the unwinds, the splicer, and the festoon. Auto Clamps: The shafts are held in place with an automatic shaft clamp that is pnuematicly operated and cams over for a fail safe lock. The air cylinders are built with a magnetic pick up for feedback to the PLC. Sidelay: The unwind motor is mounted on a sub frame assembley that rides on three linear bearings for 4” of total sidelay travel. The frame is moved with a screw through a hollow shaft gearbox. The sidelay feature is available with a manual handle, electric slo-syn motor, or servo motor positioning. Dancer: The unwind tension from the feed station to the master roll is controlled with air pressure on the dancer air cylinders. Two air cylinders are fed 0-90 psi air from an electro pneumatic valve. The dancer air pressure is selected in the touch screen and modified during splicing to reduce web breaks. Pass through festoon: The 15 roller festoon accumulates aproxamatly 120’ of web in a stacked three pass design. When the festoon is in the lowest position limit the carriage idlers pass through the fixed idlers to allow the web to be passed through the gaps and sew it’s self up once the carriage is lifted.

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