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Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters

For commercial or industrial applications, our electric heaters are highly mobile and available in blower, radiant, and convection heating.

Typical sizing requirements for electric heaters is based on kW. Each kW produces 3400 Btu’s of heat. Determine the Btu’s of heat needed and divide it by 3400 to arrive at the kW required.

Blower heaters are rugged, self contained heaters that offer fan forced heat with adjustable thermostats for heating larger areas. Electric blower heaters range from 10kW to 60 kW (33,000 Btuh to 205,000 Btuh).
Convection space heaters are compact and provide quick local or supplemental heat in smaller areas. They are available in 1500 watts.
Radiant heaters provide heat in areas where localized heating is needed. The are ideal for spot heating cold areas like shipping docks and outdoor shielded work sites. Units are available in 6kw or 13.5kw (20,500 Btuh and 46,000 Btuh).

  • Model : DRA-10-23

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