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Precision Ground Rubber Balls

Precision Ground Rubber Balls

RubberMill produces precision ground rubber balls to exacting tolerances and stringent rubber compound specifications. After the balls are molded, they are finished by a high-speed, accurate grinding process. The finishing process eliminates the mold parting line and results in a smooth and uniform surface. Additionally, the machining process provides the consistent, close diametrical and spherical dimensions that are required to produce an effective seal. Typical uses for precision ground rubber balls include check valves, seals, bumpers, stops, ammunition, and flow control meters.

RubberMill stocks black, 70 Durometer (Shore A) Nitrile balls for immediate delivery. 70 duro balls made from EPDM, Neoprene, Viton, and Silicone are also available with several popular sizes in stock. We can quote other compounds, durometers, and even colors to meet your specifications.

  • Item No. : CBLG12B70S-.094
  • Millimeters : 2.38
  • Decimal Inch : .094
  • Diametrical (In.) : .003
  • Inch : 3/32

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